The upper floors of a multi-storey car park in Lichfield are to close to allow repair work to take place.

The multi-storey car park on Birmingham Road

Lichfield District Council said waterproofing needed replacing on the top deck of the Birmingham Road facility.

Other work will include treating areas of corroded steelwork, concrete repairs. Damage to a section of the wall at the ground floor level will also be corrected.

Work will start on 1st June and is expected to take around four weeks.

Leves four, five and six will be closed during the work while others remain open as usual.

Cllr Liz Little, cabinet member responsible for major projects, said:

“The benefits of carrying out these repairs will be an improved experience for anyone using the car park as well as extending the life-span of the structure until we fully develop our plans for the larger Birmingham Road site as part of the Lichfield city centre masterplan.

“We hope the closure of the upper three floors of the car park won’t cause regular users and other visitors to the city centre too much disruption.”

Cllr Liz Little, Lichfield District Council

Details of alternative car park around Lichfield city centre can be found at

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  1. Isn’t it time we had a new one? Much of this car park is not fit for purpose for modern cars.

  2. What wonderful timing. We’ve been in lockdown for the last 12 months and they wait for everything to open again to then
    close an entire floor of parking for 4 weeks. You really couldn’t make it up!

  3. This car park was to be demolished & a new one erected in 1st stage of proposed new Friarsgate development. What happened to new badly needed car park? Why repair only part of it when all of it is no longer fit for purpose, with lights not working, ceilings almost falling down in parts, dark & dirty, & a generally uninviting place. Not a good advert for any visitors! Surely we can do better

  4. Cars were generally a lot smaller when this multistorey was built. You would struggle to get many modern cars into much of it. Needs replacing not bodging up.

  5. Hideous car park, won’t go near it. Also, it isn’t fit for purpose because cars are so much bigger these days. Just knock it down and make it more inviting for visitors, it isn’t difficult, Cllrs.

  6. Kitty, it’s a multi storey carpark for heaven’s sake! What do you want it to look like? It performs a function and if people parked correctly or didn’t all feel the need to drive huge 4x4s the bays are perfectly wide enough.

  7. Unfortunately a lot of people drive 4×4 these days so car parks should provide adequate parking for these larger vehicles and charge extra for this.

  8. Why spend more money on something should have been knocked down years ago. It has had that many “repair” jobs it has cost a fortune to upkeep. Bite the bullet Council and knock the eyesore down!!!!

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