Council chiefs say daily visits are being made to a park while they await the legal paperwork to evict travellers who have set up camp on the site.

Travellers parked on Saddlers Park in Lichfield

The group moved on to Saddlers Wood in Boley Park last week.

Lichfield District Council originally hoped to have the travellers moved on within “a few days”.

A spokesperson for the local authority said work was continuing to have the group removed from the parkland:

“Alongside Staffordshire Police we are continuing to monitor activity at Saddlers Wood and are making daily visits to the site.

“We have made an application to magistrates to obtain a possession order that will allow us to evict the travellers from Saddlers Wood.

“We are awaiting confirmation of when this be granted to allow us to continue to follow the established process for an eviction ensuring the welfare of all involved is considered.”

Lichfield District Council spokesperson

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  1. Ridiculous that it takes this long to remove them. Hopefully they will be gone in time for the mess they will inevitably leave behind to be cleared up so children can use the play area at half term. Hopefully they get escorted out of the city and aren’t allowed to go straight to illegally occupying and damaging somewhere else.

  2. Well let’s see if they are moved soon. Seems strange how they can’t be made to pay for criminal damage

  3. Visiting twice a day to monitor!!! The park should have been locked so they could not get in so block them in – no popping out for shopping etc. Lock them in until they give up and move out taking their rubbish with them. Cost the tax payer a lot less money

  4. More caravans arrived overnight. Something is seriously wrong with LDC and/or Police, been going on well more than a week now. The mess in the woods is amazing

  5. All moved on about 4pm this afternoon…..seemed good coordination by council and police on the ground at Saddlers Wood PArk

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