A group of travellers have left a park in Lichfield after a court order was granted for their removal.

Travellers parked on Saddlers Park in Lichfield

They had been at Saddlers Wood on Boley Park for the past week.

Cllr Doug Pullen, leader of Lichfield District Council said:

“I am pleased that this issue has now been resolved.

“Situations such as this are never easy to bring to a close because of all the legal processes involved.

“We understand the frustrations expressed by local residents and park users as we worked through the necessary legal stages to have the travellers removed from Saddlers Wood and would like to thank residents for their patience.

“I would also like to give my thanks to Staffordshire Police for their support and, most of all, say thank you to the council’s parks, streetscene and democratic services staff for the work they have carried out over the past week working with the travellers and the work they are now doing to conduct a clean-up of Saddlers Wood so that the area can be enjoyed by everyone once again.

“We will be conducting a review of access and security arrangements across all of our parks and public spaces and exploring other solutions to help us with situations such as this in the future.”

Cllr Doug Pulled, Lichfield District Council

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  1. Any explanation as why this took a lot longer than the “few days” they said originally?

    Someone not dotting all the right i’s or crossing all the right t’s on the paperwork again? That seems standard for LDC these days, not doing things properly seems to be in the council’s DNA.

  2. Rumour has it Bromford wants to apply to LDC to use this land for a residential development and they’re going to cite the fact that people lived on the land unchallenged for two weeks previously. Apparently LDC owe Bromford £10k and a big favour so they’re pretty confident they will get their wish.

  3. I’d say it’s more likely to do with the availability of getting the matter before the Magistrate’s Court during the Pandemic.

  4. Good riddance to them but feel sorry for the local people in the next place that they turn up at.

  5. Megan
    We must stop using the excuse of ‘the pandemic’ for not getting things done…..I am more inclined to Scotts comment

  6. I hope all the human faeces and toilet paper is cleaned up. It’s going to be a while before I will let my dog off the lead. These travellers don’t do themselves any favours with their filthy habits and lack of respect. Co-op staff had to deal with them filling up with fuel and just driving off.
    I hope some large concrete blocks or something similar can be placed at potential entrances as they Gaines access with ease.

  7. I suppose if the petrol station staff took their registration numbers and reported to the police no doubt they’d find they were false. Something that could have been checked while encamped. Had them down our road offering drive cleaning this week, thankfully didn’t seem to have any takers. Best way to stop them coming, don’t employ them.

  8. I really hope the council is looking into how to prevent this in future, the park has been used as a driving circuit for nearly two weeks. Of course it will be cleaned up at council tax payers expense, but it’s simply too long to take to evict them. As someone posted previously there are mechanisms that can put in place to remove quicker, they have clearly identified Lichfield as a soft touch and they’ll just keep coming back if no action taken.

    What’s stopping them setting up on Roman road??

    LDC you need a plan and quickly to prevent this anti social behaviour.

    I look forward to seeing and using the park again shortly and I hope to see concrete blocks in place!

  9. Why aren’t they made to clean their own mess up? We do have byelaws against littering don’t we? Are they issued with fines at the very least? And given recent history, why weren’t steps taken to prevent them accessing local parks? Which park will be next? Since they are called travellers can we not make sure they keep travelling?

  10. Those that question why the general public are so opposed to the illegal actions of travellers should head over to the park to pick up their rubbish and feaces on our behalf. Then sanitised the whole park so it is safe to use again by those who actually pay for it. I don’t suppose any will do that and we will end up paying.

  11. Do you think wel be having a repeat performance in about 6 months time ? SAD for us lawfull citizens who pay our bills and wonder WHY ?

  12. Bet all the money in my pocket nothing will change and we’ll be visited by these people again.
    On a secondary note, “democratic services staff”. What are they and what do they do?

  13. I am a local resident and I found there to be poo everywhere. There was also money in one of the bushes, which I handed to the police

  14. John – You can legally claim that money as your own if no one else does after six weeks. I encourage you to do so and give it to people who have been suffered financial loss as a result of the travellers presence, or done unpaid work to deal with their mess. The Co-Op may appreciate it to help cover loses from theft. Or perhaps the Lichfield Litter Legends could use it to buy equipment. Or perhaps others have suggestions.

  15. This has been an unpleasant experience for many on Boley Park, but please don’t blame the entire travelling community for a group who behave badly. Expressions like “these people” brand all travellers, if we’re not careful. What statutory provision do LDC and SCC make for travellers? Do you think all travellers should be prevented from making their (centuries-long) lifestyle choice? After all, lots of people who live in houses behave badly, too. There are government plans to restrict travellers’ rights further. But it wouldn’t take much to find a space in lovely Lichfield where people could stay for agreed lengths of time without impacting much on the locality. We are lucky to live in a great place. There must be a bit of it we can share, mustn’t there?

  16. I am a traveller and I always leave places clean and tidy. I always repair any damage done and always respect the local people. I will always pay farmers to stay on land and offer to lay council tax.

  17. I don’t consider myself lucky to live in a nice place: I grew up in a not so nice place and I consider it’s through hard work and determination that I now live in a nice place. Do I want my children to step in gypsy faeces? Of course not.

  18. Well, they didn’t move far, they have forced entry through the gates and are on Stychbrook Park now. Don’t go down to the woods today! Or try to play football on the pitches.

  19. Thanks NG and Sean for the alternative experiences and reminding everyone to be mindful of views that can be considered racist. This may not have been the best experience for local people, but not all travelling communities are the same. Perhaps, as NG suggests, it’s time we created a welcoming space for travellers. I used to live on a farm, and every year travellers were welcomed, they worked the land, and left the site as they found it.

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