A Government minister says he will raise a number of issues with HS2 after a visit to Lichfield.

Andrew Stephenson MP saw the impact of work to construct the controversial high speed rail line after going to see areas in Fradley and Kings Bromley with Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant.

Andrew Stephenson MP and Michael Fabricant MP during their visit to HS2 sites

Work is pushing ahead with on the HS2 route, with trees being cut down along the route in advance of the line being constructed.

The minister – who is responsible for HS2 in the Department for Transport – said:

“I’m pleased to have been able to visit Lichfield to see for myself at first-hand some of the challenges that the local community are facing and the environmental impact of the HS2 programme. 

“I came here because Michael Fabricant wanted me to see these challenges at first-hand.

“I’m now going to raise many of these issues with HS2 limited and within my own Department for Transport.”

Andrew Stephenson MP

Mr Fabricant said he wanted the Minister to see first-hand how the landscape was being disrupted by the work.

“I was keen that Andrew saw for himself the damage to local woodland and the environment caused by HS2.

“I took him to the aptly named Wood End Lane where ancient woodlands have been torn down and along the canal at Fradley.

“I also raised the more general point of poor communications within HS2 itself and the consequent challenges this causes in dealing with local constituents. 

“Often, the right hand of HS2 doesn’t know what the left hand is doing and, on occasion, the calibre and imagination of some HS2 personnel cause very real difficulties for my constituents. 

“I frequently have to intervene to escalate issues to senior management.”

Michael Fabricant MP

Mr Stephenson said he was keen to see improved connections between HS2 and the communities they are impacting on.

“I am aware, and have been looking into, some of the difficulties arising from poor communication with local communities.

“This is something that we are really keen to improve upon and I am working to ensure that HS2’s feet are held to the fire to ensure that they communicate more effectively with impacted communities.”

Andrew Stephenson MP

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  1. I see prince charlie boy is asking us to plant a tree for the queens jubilee. Ironic isn’t it when HS2 are destroying ancient woodlands daily. Perhaps he’d be better employed in stopping that as he’s so keen on protecting the environment.

  2. This Fabricant geezer should be renamed Fabrication there has been an extensive replanting of trees and hybernacular areas all down Wood end Lane he is nothing more than a opportunistic MP that never answers emails

  3. ,,Briton is wise after the event” better to think before demolish the environment. Where was the plan, who is made i?. I am a Pole living in area from 13 years and I never seen such devastating behavior to cut so many threes at once. HS2 properly planned – no it seems to be a bad impact on local communities rather than thinking about consequences of HS2. Going along the country.

  4. A pointless visit. Nothing is going to stop HS2 and the destruction of the environment. MF is just trying to make us believe he is worthy of his position as an MP.

  5. Great photo shoot for MF the makeup department do wonders….ohhh wait this is about HS2; it’s all waffle they couldn’t care less about Lichfield or anywhere else HS2 ploughs through. It’s just PR spin they have just sliced through Lichfield without a care in the world.

  6. The route has been in the public domain for years, irrespective of whether you are pro or anti HS2, one blindingly obvious fact was that trees would be cut down.
    The floppy haired clown is just doing what he always does, getting publicity for himself.

  7. MEJ
    CHADS (charity) has a small farm and Nature Study centre at Handsacre. HS2 traffic is devastating them.

  8. What hypocrisy! How can the government host Cop 26 and pretend to be committed environmentalists, while at the same time their busy using HS2 to irreversibly annihilate what little is left of our trees, woods, forests, wildlife and eco-systems throughout the land, leaving the country looking like a warzone! As well as destroying so many lives for an unnecessary project that 67% of the electorate don’t want, the fact is, that the public will be forced to pay £150 Billion pounds plus ( after coming out of Covid too) for generations to come, without having any democratic say in whether they want this outdated train, or indeed in their own destiny. There is also the untold and unbearable human misery, despair and unhappiness HS2 has already caused to so many lives, just for the benefit of the greedy few who only want it to gain financially from taxpayers money!
    If only all of the people against HS2 on Wikipedia could somehow join together, to form one large body to protest against “HS2’S Mass Deforestation Of England” and to call for it to be cancelled once and for all, we could all heave a sigh of relief, and start looking forward to creating a fair and just future as we come out of the pandemic, that benefits everyone!
    Mimi Romilly.
    PS, Please carry on supporting and signing Chris Packham’s HS2 Petition against HS2.

  9. Irrespective of what your views are of Michael Fabricant the fact his a lot of mature trees have been cutdown and yes immature trees have been planted but what I find particularly distressing is the miles of hedge rows that have been ripped out I cannot fathom why so much has been ripped out. I also know that there were rare plants in the woodlands which have also been destroyed. I would like to know how these are going to be replaced.

  10. The HS2 is a waste of time and money, as well as affecting the environment. A lot more work can be done at home now as that has been proven since the covid 19.

  11. CHADS now have no grass to turn out their cattle so having to buy expensive feed. Ground nesting birds evicted! Please support their plant sale Sat 29/5 and Sun 30/5 2-4pm. All this disruption and we don’t even have a station to access the train!!!!

  12. I always wonder when I read these things how many of you concerned environmentalists are still chomping your way through animal proteins?

  13. I wish everyone who opposes HS2 would go and support the protests . The devastation of wildlife habitats is heartbreaking. Wildlife crime is taking place and it’s being brushed under the carpet . Badgers setts devastated , why is this being allowed ?

  14. MEJ
    The last line of your comment is why our MP is getting upset, if we had a station the boot would be on the other foot……….

  15. This whole project is not about connectivity, balancing opportunity or need. There are people making vast amounts of money out of this scheme. The conservatives benefit from both the commercial aspects and the donations feedback. It’s construction costs and later running costs will be a drag on our economy for decades to come. Our MP wants to pay ‘lip service’ to the environmental consequences. In this blue rinse constituency he WILL get away with it !

  16. At least our MP is trying to make a difference and talking to the right people. That is better than whingeing on the sidelines. The damage being done to the environment is a disgrace, so all help we can get in fighting that is very welcome.

  17. Philip is right to say “This whole project is not about connectivity, balancing opportunity or need”. That was its intention and an early proposal by ARUP, consulting engineers brought in by the Labour Government, was for HS2 to use an existing transport corridor (the M40) which would have been environmentally far less damaging. It also would have gone into Birmingham New Street station (two more platforms would have had to be excavated) and connected with HS1 and Heathrow Airport. So from New Street, there would have been a direct service with no changes to Paris Gare du Nord. Sadly, the Labour Government rejected that proposal and even more sadly, the incoming Conservative Government didn’t want further delays to the project and kept to the new, disconnected route. That is why I resigned from the Government to enable me to vote against HS2 and oppose it in Parliament.

  18. The damage has already been inflicted on many areas of Lichfield: Wood End Lane, Fulfen Wood, Streethay and along the Heart of England Way. Mature trees will also be felled in Whittington Woods and Darnford Lane. Wait until the overpasses and cuttings start to be constructed and dug out, there will be years of noise, mud and traffic jams.

  19. “That is why I resigned from the Government to enable me to vote against HS2 and oppose it in Parliament”… knowing full well that 1 vote against the whip wouldn’t matter, yet still appeal to your voter base thus retaining your seat to continue voting the whips direction on every other issue.
    The ecological damage HS2 has carried out is awful, replacing tree habitat biome hundreds of years old with a few saplings is no replacement at all, it will take as many years again to return, if it does at all, its a crime against nature, for cash.

  20. Mr Fabricant’s “heroic” resignation in 2012 has done so much to stop HS2… What a martyr he is for his constituents and Lichfield (better not mention Burntwood). He has done absolutely nothing for us and seems to spend most of his energy in offending people on Twitter.

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