The existing buildings on the Overton Farm site. Pic: Google Streetview

Plans have again been submitted for homes to be built on land in Hammerwich.

Developers want to put nine properties on the site at Overton Farm.

It is the latest attempt to secure planning permission for the land, with a previous nine-property proposal rejected.

Meanwhile a plan for seven homes on the site has been approved.

A planning statement said:

“The application includes the creation of a new vehicular access on to Coppy Nook Lane and alterations to the existing access on to Overton Lane.

“The new access on to Coppy Nook Lane will serve six dwellings, arranged in a courtyard layout fronting the road.

“The southern part of the site fronting Overton Lane will be accessed via a new vehicular access, with the existing access closed.”

Planning statement

A previous appeal against the rejected planning application was dismissed, but the planning statement said the inspector had conceded that the development should be approved.

“The inspector attaches moderate weight in favour of the proposed development on account of the removal of a non-conforming use.

“He observes that the proposed housing would be less disruptive to existing residents and, unlike the existing site, buildings and lawful use, would not adversely affect the visual amenity or ambience of the countryside.”

Planning statement

Full details of the proposals can be found on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.

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  1. This development is fine as long as the land owner is not able, in a few years time,to try to get permission to build any “agricultural” buildings to replace those that are being removed now!

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