Council chiefs say travellers who have set up camp on a park in Lichfield are being served notice to leave the site.

Caravans parked up at Stychbrook Park

The group appeared at Stychbrook Park this morning (26th May).

Cllr Doug Pullen, leader of Lichfield District Council, said:

“This morning we will be serving the group with a notice to vacate and are requesting support from Staffordshire Police to have them removed at the earliest opportunity.”

Cllr Doug Pullen, Lichfield District Council

A previous visit by travellers to the site last year saw damage caused, including hedgerows being knocked down by vehicles and footpaths being blocked.

Last week also saw a caravans and vehicles moved on from Saddlers Wood on Boley Park.

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  1. They actually arrived around 9.30pm 25th May!!
    What will be done to protect the field from future traveller invasions?

  2. Our students use the car park regularly and the barrier to stop high vehicles access has been moved recently.

  3. LDC is woefully inept and prepared to deal with these things. Very reactive to issues as opposed to making sure that public land is sufficiently protected from misuse and invasion. The old saying a stitch in time saves nice applies here.

  4. Was there no one at the Council with any brains to work out that having been moved on out of Saddlers Wood this group would go some where else locally? How did they not make sure sites like this were blocked off. Are all council officials working from home without the means to contact anyone else and not taking any form of responsibility. There again, once we have had the elections do they care now? My sympathies go to those living next to what will no doubt be another nightmare.

  5. Who cares about a handful of caravans when LDC wants to bulldoze the park and build on it?

  6. How can a convoy like this drive around the area without being stopped by our police to check documents ? Can we ALL do it now then ? Sad for us (the taxpayers ) picking up the bills for clearing up afterwards ?

  7. This needs to be sorted out once and for all. LDC need to put up some proper heavy duty gates at these open spaces and parks. When they eventually get evicted from here are they going back to Saddlers Woods.

  8. This lot have even got a pony tied up on the field ! …. and this evening they are patrolling with their own stewards in orange hi viz vests … it’s criminal damage to cut the padlocks off the height barriers ! …. I am hoping they don’t move to Willows park as the council have done nothing here to prevent such invasions …. and this lot will have done a recce by now of other spots !!!

  9. lichfield council are just a big joke, unless it is finacially advantageous to them they dont want to know, we are being forced out because of lichfield council doing nothing but sit on their big fat arses, its about time the people of lichfield made a stand

  10. Sadly, Dean, we recently had the opportunity to make a stand and the vast majority of the electorate chose the same names all over again; they must be satisfied with how everything is going………….

  11. If I put on a free get together / bbq / bouncy castle on this land and invited a few dozen people to come along I have no doubt the police would be all over us like a rash to close us down, move us on or arrest us. Why then do these vandals get special treatment and are allowed to swan around in uninsured and untaxed cars, carry out crummy damage and leave their mess everywhere. I hope the residents of Stychbrook cause mayhem and disrupt these invaders. I’m sure the police / council would take notice then.

  12. LDC never learned any lessons. Look at Google Streetview from June 2009, travellers occupying the field then too and there used to be a height barrier into the parking area until VERY recently. Any coincidence that it was removed LDC ?

  13. It is just 12 months ago that the travellers were last on the park, and as far as I can see nothing was done to prevent it happening again. According to neighbours the breaking of the padlocks was witnessed and reported to the police but by the time the police arrived 1 hour later they were already on site and settling in ! Something needs to be done as the councillor suggests to make public space secure, otherwise they just keep moving from site to site. It would be good to see the LDC plan for this and a way to speed up the process for eviction. The costs associated with this must be an immense burden which we as council tax payers have to fund as well as having the inconvenience when the travellers take up residence next to our homes. How long will we have to wait before the legal processes take place ?

  14. Ref: Jonesey85 the current occupants cut it down with a steel saw.

    Ldc need better defences and processes to deal with this recurring issue.

    They have no morals, values and standards, these public lands needs to defended accordingly. IMO!

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