Travellers on Stychbrook Park
Travellers on Stychbrook Park

Travellers who had set up camp on a park in Lichfield have been moved on, council chiefs have confirmed.

The group appeared at Stychbrook Park earlier this week.

Cllr Pullen, leader of Lichfield District Council, said the travellers had now left the site.

“We have worked closely with Staffordshire Police throughout the week to resolve this situation and the travellers have now left Stychbrook Park.

“We will conduct a clean-up of the park and once again I would like to thank local residents for their patience while we went through the required processes.”

Cllr Doug Pullen, Lichfield District Council

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  1. Money from council tax so another increase next year to pay for eviction more intence security needed to stop trespass how much was the eviction order to evict can this be published

  2. And where have they gone ? Who will be the next park to be illegally invaded ? Were they given a financial incentive to leave peacefully ? Questions waiting an answer please Councillors !!!

  3. A nearby parish council reported that it cost £2,500 to obtain a high court injunction (sorry, I forget the details, but there is a recent article about it on Lichfield Live). I doubt very much that any cash incentives were involved, but anything less than that sum would presumably be a bargain. See you again next year, Travellers!

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