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People are being invited to join a community litter pick in Lichfield.

The Leomansley Area Residents Association is hosting the event from 10.30am on 5th June.

A spokesperson said:

“Please bring your own gardening gloves. Pickers and bags are provided by Lichfield District Council.

“We’ll do some cleaning up in various locations throughout the Leomansley area which includes Darwin Park so if you could join us – even for a short time – that would be great.”

Leomansley Area Residents Association spokesperson

The group will meet on the Darwin Hall car park.

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  1. Anne S that’s a good question. I don’t recall seeing any when out and about for a long time now I come to think of it. You used to often see council cleaning teams going about their work on the streets. Probably been cut like most other ‘non-essential’ services.

  2. I would estimate council cleaners visit my road twice a year at most. If it wasn’t for Lichfield Litter Legends, the place would look very different – and not in a good way. Unfortunately, the efforts of these people enable LDC to evade their obligations.

  3. There would be no need for any litter pick if the lazy brainless morons responsible for the mess used bins or took the rubbish home with them. It seems like second nature for this current generation of idiots to use the floor as a bin and unfortunately the litter epidemic is getting worse.

  4. Just a quick reminder to those scolding local authorities for evading their obligations etc, that central government grants to local authorities have been slashed over the last few decades, along with rules not allowing the local authorities to increase council tax.

    You might not always agree where the cuts have been made, but it’s not the local authorities’ fault that they had to be made. Look to who you vote into Parliament to address that issue….

  5. @ Asellus aquaticus

    Completely agree. It baffles (and worries me) that some people have a complete disconnect when it comes to voting for a Tory government – and the knock on effects to their local councils! Did they go to the polls not realising there was a connection????

  6. AnnS, we do have street cleaners but only when there is a royal visitor! You’ll find that some areas won’t have a bin collection on that day as the council will redeploy the operatives to those vitally important duties.

  7. @ Asellus aquaticus….
    I am sure we are singing from the same hymn sheet where the politics are concerned but the coffers of the city and county continue to be filled by rate increases. Four and a half percent this year and well above inflation. Is this justifiable when so many facilities and services have been cut at the same time? How many have had a commensurate wage rise to meet the real inflation we see on a daily basis? Politics are all about priorities. Our government and councils only have their own and not the general publics.

  8. I know people are saying we are doing the council’s job for them, but at the same time the council should not be wasting money having to clear up excess litter due to the actions of morons who think nothing of leaving litter etc, believing someone will just clean up after them. The entitled generation just don’t seem to care.

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