Councillors have called for more secure places for cyclists to leave their bikes around Lichfield.

Bikes parked against railings in Lichfield City centre

Labour members hope Lichfield City Council will set aside funding from the Community Infrastructure Levy to increase the number of stands.

The motion was tabled to coincide with World Bicycle Day yesterday (3rd June).

Cllr Dave Robertson said the issue would be raised at a meeting of the city council on 14th June. He said:

Cllr Dave Robertson

“People should have the facilities that they need to be able to use their bikes whenever they want to.

“I’m also really glad we’re proposing the funding comes from developer contributions to the council and not from council tax, meaning that companies who benefit from developments in Lichfield will be paying for better infrastructure around our city.”

Cllr Dave Robertson, Lichfield City Council

A report put forward as part of the proposals outlines locations across the city centre and other parts of Lichfield including retail centres on Eastern Avenue and Boley Park, as well as at Curborough Community Centre, Netherstowe and Darwin Hall.

The proposals have been developed alongside cycling groups in the area.

It explains:

“All parts of Lichfield are within a 20 minute cycle ride from each other and our city centre is less than a 20 minute ride from a number of local villages.

“Ensuring that there is adequate cycling infrastructure available for those who want to use it is an important step in making Lichfield a more cycling friendly city and encouraging people to ditch the car in place of active transport.”

Plan for Cycling Parking report

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  1. Initiatives like this are always welcome, well done on promoting this. The Co-op are to be congratulated on the new provisions following the Boley Park refurbishment, but there are certainly improvements that could be made in other places. The locking facilities at the top of the precinct on Backcester Lane are baffling, normal hoops would be better. A big issue however is the poor state of the cycle lanes/paths we do have, and the need to have a joined up system of these. Can pressure not be put on Staffordshire County Council to do something about this? The cycle lanes along the Walsall Road are in an appalling state, as is the path along Eastern Avenue. There are places where more shared use paths could be instigated at minimum cost to make cycling safer.

  2. About time to, and while they provide more secure places to park push bikes, could they please make sure security cameras are pointing at the bikes, I’ve had two bikes taken, and in one case it was on film, fortunately, I have insurance, it still annoying having to contact insurance company and waiting for them to replace like for like, I dredd leaving my bike for any time in Lichfield city centre

  3. Bicycle thefts have become a real problem these days, fuelled no doubt by a shortage of new bikes and spare parts as demand has outstripped supply. If any new locking facilities are going to be provided, it would make sense to ensure that they are in places covered by CCTV. On the subject of cycle lanes, I would note that there is an excellent one right through Darwin Park Estate. If this were only the case elsewhere….

  4. My son has had his bike stolen.

    My wife had her bike stolen, from the city centre. Sadly, a full description of what the thief was wearing. The fact he was riding one bike and holding onto a second. Was not enough for the police to be able to trace him, or pick him up on CCTV.

  5. There’s no covered cycle parking in the centre, and the stands by HSBC seem to be a magnet for bike thieves.

    The Eastern Avenue cycle path is in a shocking state in places, and don’t get me started on the utter uselessness of the Walsall Rd “cycle lane”. It offers zero protection from vehicular traffic and isn’t enforceable for cars parked in the lane. Complete waste of time.

    The shame is that Lichfield could be a real “bike town” as it’s so compact and relatively flat. There’s no one in power with the will to make it happen though.

  6. If LCC want more people on push bikes they have even more responsibility to fix the potholed roads cyclists and motorcyclists have to navigate and keep up with maintaining the Sustrans network that passes through the city – which are overgrown, full of debris and the concrete has been lifted by tree roots

  7. as John Allen states the bigger and more important challenge are the actual routes. routes into the city must be made more cycle friendly. government needs to get serious and insist all new road projects concentrate equally on the sustainable modes of transport instead of simply focussing on vehicular.

  8. Can I please mention whilst on a cycling subject that cycling is not allowed along Minster Pool Walk as I have frequently seen. Dangerous for toddlers and older people enjoying the view.

  9. Agree with Pannier West and others. Mr Wright seems to have a real issue with cyclists and his suggestion of parking outside the city centre is rather silly. I do think that the rules of the road (and pavements) need to be enforced for cyclists. Some cyclists give the rest of us a bad name. Am I the only cyclist who walks my bike up the precinct since cycling is prohibited there, for instance? If cycling is to be encouraged then all cyclists need to face up to their responsibilities.

  10. With some common sense Lichfield centre could become a real haven for cyclists. It’s flat and compact enough and plenty of people live near enough to easily cycle in and out. It could be linked to the nearby villages and canals bringing in people from further afield. Be great to see more cycle lanes and better much more secure stands. Utopia would be a fully safe cycle route to and from Burntwood. The route through Abnalls is a death trap and cycling down Lichfield Road isn’t safe either.

  11. I started cycling through Lichfield in 1953. Back then, the city was filled with cyclists, before the greater availability of the car made it the transport of choice. Then, of course, the city centre roads were re-structured in favour of the car, making traders happy, since more goods could be carried away in a car than on a bicycle. That process continues, despite shop and market shrinkage.
    Now, should I take my trusty ’60s Moulton into town via Tamworth St., I know that a long, death-defying detour, skirting the Friarsgate Hoardings, is needed to return to the Boley Park area. As for Walsall Road…………………
    Until Lichfield managers admit the existence of bicycles, nothing will change.

  12. There has been a boom in cycling throughout the pandemic, and it would be great to see this continue. Better for people’s health and better for the environment. The level of car use, with the congestion this causes, is not sustainable. It is sad to see traffic volumes return to epidemic level of late, as if we have learned nothing from the pandemic, and how things could be better. We do need the infrastructure to encourage cycling and walking though, and a joined up approach is needed.

  13. If cycling is not allowed at minster pool, why is it on the cycle route 54, and on all the cycling maps by Staffordshire Council, maybe the route should go via the close round the cathedral, or will that hinder the school on the close.

  14. Veteran ex army please check the no cycling signage along Pool Walk. I think you will find route 54 points to the car park.

  15. @Veteran Ex Army
    NCN Route 54 does NOT go along Minster Pool Walk – it follows Bird Street, through the car park, and back onto Dam Street.
    Please see:,-1.82883,14

    And yes, there are some ‘cyclists’ that behave irresponsibly and in contravention of any rules, and they should expect to be prosecuted.
    But please don’t brand all cyclists the same.
    There are idiot cyclists, just as there are idiot car-drivers, and idiot pedestrians.
    And there are sensible, law-abiding cyclists, as there are sensible, law-abiding motorists.
    Less of this cyclophobia, please.
    Cue the bullets !!!

  16. You seem to have missed the point Mr Wright. I referred to walking my bike up the precinct, as do the rest of my family, not walking it into town, which would be an exercise in futility. Since the article raised the issue of a lack of secure cycle parking and the theft of cycles, parking them somewhere outside town would be somewhat silly. As for abiding by the traffic laws, I would be fully supportive of enforcement and cyclists acting responsibly.

  17. Visiting ‘A Lichfield retailer’ (guess who) today, it was pleasing to see placards welcoming cyclists to the re-furbished store. A distant lamp-post, however, was the only apparent facility for securing a bicycle. Work to be done?

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