The Apiarist Rum
The Apiarist Rum

Two Lichfield beekeepers have unveiled their latest honey-infused tipple.

Alex and Natalie Conti have previously produced two editions of their unique gin, but have now added The Apiarist Rum to their range.

The couple said technology had allowed their new drink to be rapid aged to the equivalent of a three-year barrel-aged rum, and featured aromas including vanilla, almond and light oak in a blend containing their own honey.

Alex said:

“After being left with a surplus of honey when we expanded our home apiary during the first lockdown in spring 2020, we embarked on the production of a small batch of honey-infused gin and The Apiarist Gin was born, delivering rich, sweet honey notes balanced with vibrant lemon and dry tea flavours.

“Just months later, we were inspired by another one of our favourite hobbies to create a Forager Edition of the spirit, containing the same rich, sweet honey base, but finished with blackberries, elderberries, wild strawberry leaves and apple, giving the gin its natural pink hue.

“Since launching these two lines just a number of months ago, we have received orders from all around the country.

“To maintain customer interest and demand, we have now expanded both our operations and product range with the launch of one of our personal favourites – rum.”

Alex Conti

The drinks are all available via the online store, as well as being stocked at locations across the Midlands including The Trooper, The Spirit Works, Harborne Kitchen and Purnell’s.

Natalie added:

“What started as a simple extension of our home apiary just over 12 months ago has naturally turned into a thriving business and we couldn’t be prouder of everything we’ve achieved so far.

“We’re extremely excited to introduce our brand-new rum to market and cannot wait to see how it is received by our loyal customers.”

Natalie Conti

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