Plans that would see people living in Whittington and Streethay voting for Tamworth’s MP have been branded “a nonsense”.

The Boundary Commission has put forward the proposals to redraw Parliamentary constituencies across the UK.

Among the proposals locally are Whittington and Streethay to move into the Tamworth constituency with Wall and some areas south of the M6 Toll going in the opposite direction.

Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant has criticised the proposals saying they were “a nonsense”.

The proposed Lichfield constituency map

“In this proposal, the commission have announced that Whittington and Streethay should move into the Tamworth Parliamentary constituency while Wall and the villages of Summerhill and Chesterfield should be moved from Tamworth into Lichfield.

“This will make very little difference to the size of the Lichfield constituency, but suggesting the move of Streethay into Tamworth displays no knowledge of the area and is a rehash of their proposals made a few years back which were never enacted by Parliament.

“I shall oppose this. It divides Lichfield Trent Valley station in two and cuts off the eastern edge of Lichfield itself. 

“I shall also miss representing the people of Whittington and the wonderful St Giles Hospice. 

“Frankly, it’s a nonsense. It bears all the hallmarks of boundaries drawn in the 19th and 20th Centuries by Whitehall mapmakers in days of Empire without any knowledge or care of the regions and people concerned. 

“In fact, the Lichfield constituency could remain unchanged as it has the correct population – if it is necessary to ‘top up’ Tamworth, other wards could be moved.”

Michael Fabricant MP

The Boundary Commission has launched an eight week consultation over the plans.

A spokesperson said:

“We encourage everyone to use this opportunity to help us shape the new constituencies – the more responses we receive, the more informed our decisions will be when considering whether to revise our proposals.

“Our consultation portal has more information about our proposals and how to give us your views on them.”

Boundary Commission spokesperson

Residents urged to “make their views known”

Mr Fabricant said it was important for residents to have their say on the proposals.

Michael Fabricant

“I strongly urge local residents to make their views known by 2nd August.

“The Boundary Comissioners are obliged to review periodically the to take into account shifts in population. 

“Under relatively new legislation, all 650 Parliamentary constituencies – apart from island constituencies – must now be of equal size give or take 5% of the national average.

“At present, some areas of the UK, including London and Wales, are over represented in Parliament as is Stoke-on-Trent with very small populations in each constituency. 

“That is obviously undemocratic and that is why the review is being undertaken.

“Most importantly, whatever is finally decided on boundaries, residents should know that these changes will not take place until after the next General Election. Until then, everything remains the same.”

Michael Fabricant MP

The consultation is open online or by writing to Boundary Commission for England,  35 Great Smith Street, Westminster, London SW1P 3BQ.

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  1. I must say the concept of the proposed changes seems wrong. Quite obviously rural constituencies will have sparse populations and thus will require vast areas to reach a commensurate population; while inner city constituencies will be very small. There will be a concentration of M.P.s in city areas with a far different mindset to their country counterparts. Politics will become polarised around cities to the detriment of less populated areas. If the commission wants to establish equitable representation then basing it on a simple head count is not the answer. Of course the first past the post election process is another complexity. It is little wonder that people are contemptuous of politics when they feel unrepresented.

  2. The one major upside of this gerrymandering is that the mop haired idiot will no longer be my MP.

    He is so obsessed with trains that he hasn’t worked out that there are no constituents living at TV station, so it matters not whether the boundary cuts through it or not.

  3. Would Mr Fabricant be making the same fuss if Burntwood was moved out of his constituency? I see he is now even quoted on the BBC website and the comments seem hugely parochial if you don’t live in the area. Just another MP out of touch with the real issues of the day.

  4. I’m no fan of MF – but can’t really disagree with him on this. Streethay having a Tamworth MP does sound utterly daft.

  5. I see on the BBC Mr Fabricant doesn’t want to have to go down to the Commons to take part in debates and speak for his constituents whilst councils like Lichfield District HAVE to find a venue big enough to hold meetings with room for safe distancing.

    Neither does he bother to have (pre COVID-19) regular advertised surgeries around the constituency.
    If he does not want to be in London maybe he will bring back a local Constituency Office to help his constituents like the Members of Parliament for Tamworth and for Cannock?

    As for the proposed boundary changes (Burntwood did not want to leave the Cannock and Burntwood constituency) he perhaps does not realise that the District Ward of Whittington and Streethay is in both Lichfield and Tamworth constituencies!

    The district wards of Wall, Stonnall and Little Aston are in Tamworth constituency but what is their connection with Edingale or Clifton Campville?

    As with boundary changes to district wards and county divisions it is all about equality of electorate representation but the good news for Whittington and Streethay residents is that they will have an MP (almost any really) that will not be an embarrassment for their area and who will be better value for money than the current incumbent.

  6. I’m already hearing that street parties and mass (socially distanced) celebrations are being planned in both parishes.

  7. The man is an irrelevance and past his sell by date.

    I am interested in his views on the government’s decision to reduce the overseas aid budget to 0.5% of GDP. I bet the little hairy man supported the government’s stance.

  8. @Michel Souris: If Michael Fabricant’s tweets from 7th June are anything to go by, then he is not one of the ‘rebels’ who wanted to reverse the cuts to overseas aid. Interestingly, he retweets a YouGov report that support for the drastic cuts has fallen from 66% of people surveyed in November to 54% more recently (overwhelmingly Tory voters/Brexit supporters). Perhaps the public are waking up to the fact that policies like this actually cost lives …

  9. Are people here reading the correct article?
    What exactly has the overseas aid budget got to do with Streethay & Whittington moving to a different parliamentary constituency?

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