M6 Toll
M6 Toll

Motorists using the M6 Toll road will face price increases from next month.

Car drivers will see a 10p rise, while the cost for vans will go up 50p from 8th July.

HGVs will also pay more, with a 60p increase coming into effect on the same date.

A half-price offer on the Hopper pass is being made available for car drivers with 14-day use costing £19.50 a week.

A FlexiVan product has also been launched giving drivers a saving on pre-paid journeys between junctions T4, T5 and T6.

Julie Davies, commercial director at operator Midland Expressway Ltd, said

“One of our biggest aims is to encourage more switching of local journeys onto the M6 Toll, and in doing so encourage road users away from local traffic hotspots and busy routes.

“For commuters looking to avoid congested local routes and who might not have considered the M6 Toll for their journey, the new half price Hopper introductory offer gives them an ideal opportunity to trial the M6toll for three months. 

“It will let them experience how much time they could be saving on their regular journeys each day, particularly at a time when many people are beginning to travel to work again on a more frequent basis. 

“We’re also excited to launch the new FlexiVan product – the aim is to help tradespeople and delivery drivers reduce the amount of the time they spend on the road and allow them to get on with their business.”

Julie Davies

For more information on pricing visit the M6 Toll road website.

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  1. I was on the trial for the Hopper where it was capped at £20 per week. Excellent value just to avoid all the extra roundabouts they put in to try to force people onto the M6 Toll when it was built, and it does make a significant improvement on traffic at key times. They have emailed me today to double the cost to £39 per week, but as I now work permanently from home and have no intention of going back to the office anywhere near full time it is all a bit irrelevant now. This is as a very boring comment.

  2. @Chris – yep same here. Had the £20 per week Hopper and I used it every day, great time saver and good value. I also now work from home and no longer use the M6toll but the almost double the cost rise is a bit harsh but they did always say it was a trail and trail pricing… anyways this is boring, ha!

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