Cllr Wai-Lee Ho
Cllr Wai-Lee Ho

A councillor says plans to change Parliamentary boundaries in Lichfield shows a lack of knowledge and empathy for the area.

The Boundary Commission has put forward proposals which would see people living in Whittington and Streethay voting for Tamworth’s MP in future.

The plans were branded “a nonsense” by Lichfield’s Conservative MP Michael Fabricant.

And now Cllr Wai-Lee Ho, who represents the Highfield ward at Lichfield District Council, said the proposals needed greater input from people who knew the area.

“The Boundary Commission has shown an utter lack of knowledge and empathy towards localism and local identity.

“Rather than merely looking at maps and population size, they should visit the areas they intend to carve up and actually speak to local leaders and people.”

Cllr Wai-Lee Ho

The Boundary Commission has launched an eight week consultation over the plans.

A spokesperson said:

“We encourage everyone to use this opportunity to help us shape the new constituencies – the more responses we receive, the more informed our decisions will be when considering whether to revise our proposals.

“Our consultation portal has more information about our proposals and how to give us your views on them.”

Boundary Commission spokesperson

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  1. Some large degree of irony in a local Conservative – OK, any Conservative – criticising others for a lack of “knowledge and empathy”.

  2. Ignorance is bliss indeed. Some residents living in Whittingon and Streethay Ward do vote for a Tamworth Parliamentary representative – and some for a Lichfield one.

  3. I wonder if Cllr Ho feels the same about the Community Governance Review which can redraw parish council boundaries according to the wishes of the residents affected – or did he go along with Hammerwich Parish Council’s point-blank refusal to consider a community consultation?

  4. I think Cllr Ho is right and has said what a lot of us think about this decision. It is madness. Don’t shoot the messengers.

  5. Perhaps Cllr Ho could apply his empathy to speaking out about Tory cuts to the overseas aid budget. Those hit by the aid cuts are far more in need of our empathy than anyone shedding tears over boundary changes. If anything, this country could do with an eight week consultation on how prepared we are to sit back and let people die because of our lack of empathy in reversing what was a cross-party commitment to help the most vulnerable people on the planet.

  6. Perhaps Clare Sholl, you might look up the work of Thomas Malthus. His predictions have been suspended to some extent by agricultural science but the premise remains the same. World population is the ‘Elephant in the room’, moving the deckchairs will not solve the problems.

  7. @clare sholl. I may be the only one who thinks this but I’d prefer my local councillors concentrate their efforts on issues within their wards and local area. International Aid is not an issue I want to see LDC getting involved in. Though I do agree that our contributions as a wealthy nation should not be reduced.

  8. @Clare Sholl stop comparing chalk to cheese – take a look at this councillor’s social media feeds, plus those of some of the other local Tory councillors. A large amount of their output concerns international politics – China/Hong Kong; Israel; the USA; EU and European politics etc etc – with not much in the way of proactive engagement on local issues or with local people and organisations. Its only when they are challenged on these national/international issues that they fall silent. On this particular story, the councillor is merely trotting out the local party line that started with the MP himself. Nothing more than a cut and paste job really with no actual attempt to realistically discuss or debate or engage.

  9. Poor old Micky Fab – losing half of his beloved railway station. Let’s hope he manages to keep the half with the new lift. If Mr Fabricant truly does wish to do the best for people who live in Streethay and Whittington he could do no better than pass them across into the safe hands of Christopher Pincher MP. Mr Pincher is an excellent constituency MP who is very much in touch and on the same wavelength as his constituents. He already looks after parts of Lichfield and quite frankly makes Mr Fabricant appear, at times, to be rather amateur.

  10. Of course Cllr Ho would think this, after all he just spouts the same nonsense as our MP !

    Comment on Burntwood, Streethay and Whittington are not your patch

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