One of the new enclosures at Drayton Manor Park
One of the new enclosures at Drayton Manor Park

Three new animal enclosures have been unveiled at Drayton Manor Park for the 2021 season.

New-look homes have been created for the zoo’s meerkats, tortoises and African birds.

Chris Mitchell, head of zoo operations at Drayton Manor Park, said:

“Conservation is a huge part of our programme at Drayton Manor Park and we are thrilled with the three new habitats we have created which will enable us to help even more endangered species.

“We have gone to great efforts to ensure we replicate our animals’ native surroundings and are proud to support the Turtle Survival Alliance who work tirelessly to save Radiated tortoises and other species around the world. 

“We have paid careful attention to the needs of our animals, whilst ensuring we offer our guests the best visitor experience possible by creating better viewing and seating areas and opportunities to learn about the animals.  

“We are committed to continually improving our guest zoo experience and hope to develop more exciting animal habitats in the future.”

Chris Mitchell, Drayton Manor Park

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