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People in Lichfield and Burntwood are being asked to have their say on transport issues as part of a new consultation.

The National Highways and Transport Public Satisfaction Survey will cover a range of issues, from the condition of roads to the quality of cycling facilities.

Staffordshire County Council is one of 111 local authorities responsible for highways to sign up to the survey that will ask people the same questions wherever they live.

The questionnaire is being sent to a random sample of at least 3,300 residents across the county.

Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet member for highways and transport, Cllr David Williams, said:

“The safety and quality of our highways and transport services is a top priority to the county council and people’s views and feedback is crucial to us.

“Through this standard national public survey, we can get the best value for money and the results will enable us to spot common themes, both across the county and across the country.

“We can also see where we’re doing particularly well and areas where we could adopt some of the best practice of others.”

Cllr David Williams, Staffordshire County Council

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  1. So, it’s being sent to a tiny proportion of people then? Doesn’t strike me as much of a consultation if that’s all it amounts to. As for the condition of the roads, SCC would get a lot of information if they had a system that allowed you to report poor stretches of road, which they don’t have at the moment. Even their complaints system doesn’t allow you to do this. You can report individual potholes, but considering how many there are around Lichfield, this would be a full time job for the next year at least. How about throwing the consultation open to all residents, or would that be too embarrassing for SCC?

  2. John Allen

    Hear Hear
    100% correct!
    The problem is as slowly as the potholes are repaired, it doesn’t take long before the repair breaks down and they are soon as bad as before. Then, I suspect, the same company that did the repair are eventually back out repairing the repair, this cannot be right.
    Something I have noticed, is in some repairs the filling is just pushed into the pothole and tamped down and others seem to have a seal of liquid tar around the edges, these repairs seem to last a bit longer.

  3. So sending random questionnaires to 3,300 people is a good idea ? A percentage of them won’t even drive ? Why not open an online questionnaire? Then we can all tell you the state of our terrible roads !!! They will attend a pot hole and ignore others right next to them ? Talk about a brain dead policy ?

  4. Quite so Rob, you only have to look at the patch at the hospital traffic lights. Patched up and just as bad within a couple of months. What was needed was for a proper relaying of most of Trent Valley Road. Shoving a bit of tarmac into the worst potholes is never really successful, and probably costs more in the long run. The roads around here are getting worse by the month. Some cyclists are going to get seriously injured, and some cars badly damaged the way things are going. SCC don’t need a consultation to find this out, it’s painfully obvious. Many roads resemble something from the middle ages.

  5. With one word I can answer this survey Cllr David Williams. The SCC’s management of the roads and transport issues in Lichfield (Staffordshire) are “Appalling “. As previous comments make it an open online survey then you will get an idea of the dissatisfaction of the residents.

  6. This is a “pantomine joke” type survey – utterly farcical. Wake up! Staffs Council & allow all opinions then you can see the scale of issues & make serious quantifiable decisions. The crocodile is waiting to bite your backsides – soon!

  7. The small number of questionnaires sent out, if in paper form, would just about fill one pothole.
    Instead, the replies will be discarded and a prepared response issued.
    Then back to square one.

  8. Well Cllr David Williams, ‘the safety and quality of our highways…is a top priority’. Not obvious up to now. ‘Best value for money’. Repair the roads properly, that would be best. ‘Spot common themes’. Yes , the roads are falling to pieces, as are many of the foot/cycle paths, such as there are. We could all have told you this, if we had a proper system for reporting. How on earth any meaningful information is going to come out of such a pathetically small number of consultees is anyone’s guess.

  9. It’s a common political con job, to have a consultation and kick the can down the rutted road. I commute to Stafford daily and spent a lot of time swerving round the usual potholes. Amey are transferring money into their shareholders accounts while laughing themselves stupid.

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