People are being invited to join a group walking from Lichfield to Wigan to highlight the impact of HS2.

An artist’s impression of the HS2 line

The Truth Trail event will feature members of the HS2 Rebellion and Stop HS2 (North) groups.

Preparatory work has already begun on the controversial high speed rail line, which will cut through Lichfield and the surrounding villages when it is constructed.

The group of walkers will head off from Lichfield on 26th June before stopping off at locations including Great Haywood, Madeley, North Crewe and Wigan over the following week.

A spokesperson said:

“The focus of the trail is very much on outreach and raising awareness.

“This is not a ‘spicy’ action – it will be an enjoyable, interactive and conversational walk through the English countryside, highlighted by activities and presentations in towns and cities that are due to be affected by HS2.

“It is enthusiastically open to everyone.

“Outreach events and parts of the trail are family friendly – please bring your children, they are the ones who will pay the true cost of HS2, until it is finally completed in 2040 – and beyond.”

The first leg of the walk will set off from Lichfield Cathedral at 10.15am before heading out to Armitage and Rugeley.

For more details and to sign up, visit the Truth Trail website.

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  1. I’m a teacher and this government saying we should all plant trees whilst at the same time destroying acres of woodlands for hs2 is upsetting many of my students. “It makes no sense miss”

  2. We all totally underestimated the impact of the world wide web. It has revolutionised many aspects of our lives. Industry, commerce, communication, shopping and much more has changed. The Trade Minister was saying that administration of Australian and Asian trade deals was now much easier ‘on line’.
    This walk exemplifies the above. The need of high speed commuters has been superseded by the new technology. Covid virus has taught us that for many working from home will be the norm and itself has many fringe benefits. Less pollution, lower office costs and more flexibility being just some.
    Good luck (and weather) to the walkers. Your cause is good and just. Sometimes action is the only action when leaders won’t see or listen.

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