Lichfield’s MP is “very disappointed” that the easing of coronavirus restrictions has had to be put back – but he says it would be irresponsible to ignore the impact of the Delta variant.

Michael Fabricant. Picture: UK Parliament

The Prime Minister confirmed that the so-called Freedom Day would not take place on 21st June.

Instead, 19th July will be the earliest date when the Government will move to the Step 4 stage of the roadmap out of lockdown.

It comes amid concerns over increasing numbers of the Delta variant.

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant said the news was a blow.

“I am very disappointed that Freedom Day won’t now happen now in June and has been postponed to 19th July.

“Many had been looking forward to it and I know businesses and individuals will be unhappy about this decision.

“We desperately need to get the economy moving again, but the new Delta variant from India is 60% more contagious and more likely to cause serious disease than the original Covid.

“But at least we have not had to go into reverse and stricter rules have not had to be imposed.”

Michael Fabricant MP

“Utterly irresponsible to ignore this variant”

Mr Fabricant said that the country was now in a race to get as many people vaccinated as soon as possible.

“We can all be relieved that this Indian variant does not evade the vaccine though a few people with two shots may still catch the disease although it is unlikely – and we can take comfort in that we are way ahead of Europe in our vaccination programme.

“I do understand that this is a race between Covid vaccination and the spreading disease. 

“By 19th July, two thirds of all adults and everyone over 50 will have had two vaccine shots and it is expected that by then we can then move to Step 4 and near normality. 

“In the past, the Prime Minister has always said that his dates for change are the very earliest. This time he said that if the infection rate does improve quicker than anticipated, Step 4 may come sooner – though I think it unlikely.

“This delay won’t be a popular decision, but when the various dates were announced last year, the Indian variant was unknown. 

“It would be utterly irresponsible of any Government to ignore this variant and changed infection rates.

“I hope that, provided no new unknown variant emerges, by the second half of July we will be back to normal though personally I am making no foreign holiday arrangements as quarantines from some countries will still be in place.  I suggest others are cautious about overseas travel too.

“We are all going to have to live with Covid by keeping vaccinated, but I hope that in a year, we can look back at this dark period as a distant memory of things past.”

Michael Fabricant MP

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  1. I’m very disappointed by the continued presence of Fabricant, we need to remember the Tory risk cannot be ignored.

  2. There is one reason why lockdown has had to be extended, and one reason only. Boris Johnson waited weeks to put India on the red list because he wanted to go on a visit, because he is desperate for a trade deal. Every aspect of the pandemic has been worse than it needed to be because Johnson prevaricated when action was needed. The man has blood on his hands, as does everyone who has enabled him.

  3. Chris – I agree 100%. The continued presence of this obnoxious fool of an MP and this appalling government is worse than a disappointment – it’s a disgrace. I hope that in 2024 we can look back on this dark period of Tory incompetence as a distant memory of things past.

    In the meantime, stay alert – Tory lies cost lives!

  4. I have found that in my less frequent shopping visits to the City Centre that people are being very sensible. They keep distancing and ware masks when appropriate. It is likely that Covid and other viruses will be around for some time. If we can adopt simple regimes into our lives it will help to protect ourselves and others. We might think we are the dominant species on Earth but nature just laughs at our arrogance.
    This virus is relatively mild compared to the 1918 / 1922 pandemic, there is the potential for much worse.

  5. Remember folks, these absolute buffoons will continue to be voted in time and time again. People have short memories and seem to be easily brain-washed by the media

  6. Please lets vote this IDIOT out of his MP place in lichfield. HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT HE IS DOING AND Y’ALL NEED ATLEAST HALF A DECENT REPRESENTATIVE!

  7. I am ‘Very Disappointed’ that Fabricant remains the MP of Lichfield & Burntwood.
    This govt is as corrupt as I can think of for our country and it’s a real shame that people here still vote for this inept fool to represent them and thereby support the lying and inept regime.

    Why people believe johnson or anything he says is quite beyond me…I’ve stayed safe by believing that if johnson says we can meet up then we shouldn’t…if he says go out and shop, eat out, go on holiday etc, then we shouldn’t.
    I think his fans should start to ignore him…it’s good for your health and likely for your bank balance.

    As for our mp, he’s a complete embarrassment and if you vote Tory please lobby the local party to choose Pullen or anyone else, we all deserve better than the wiggy one.

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