Staffordshire Police vehicle

Police are warning builders to be vigilant after an “increasing number of burglaries” at sites in the Lichfield area.

Officers say criminals have targeted locations at weekends and overnight when building sites are unattended.

PCSO Andrea Horsnall said:

“Offenders have gained forced entry to the office cabins and have taken keys to the vehicles and the containers on site. These have been accessed and a number of tools have been stolen.

“Previously, development sites have been targeted by offenders stealing boilers.”

PCSO Andrea Horsnall, Staffordshire Police

Anyone with information on any building site thefts can contact police on 101.

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  1. Boohoo. The poor developers should stop destroying what was once a great city and have turned it into a house parking lot. In a couple of years seeing a green field here will be a novelty. Cry me a river.

  2. They have ruined a nice city nothing but flats being built everywhere its disgusting one big concrete jungle.

  3. ML no i didnt live on Boley Park is that where you live?.I was born in Lichfield many years ago,and lived in a very old house in Beacon Street.I dont believe green belt land exists anymore.

  4. @ML – my house was built in 1974 and yes, it was fields prior to that. It does feel a bit hypocritical telling people they shouldn’t be buying into new developments, but the erosion of the countryside is still a big concern. Some of the newer developments look fairly awful to me – no infrastructure, there’s one estate in south Lichfield where there don’t seem to be any pavements!

    In regard to the story here, developers need to sort out their own private security instead of making it a police matter at public expense.

  5. @ Richard – I’m not sure why you think the developers are to blame for building on ‘Fields’ they might do the actual building but the permission to build and the sign off on what type of buildings the can build is agreed by council or government (depending on the size) if you have issues with housing being built you need to speak with local planning.
    also developers would not build housing if there was not demand.
    all of Lichfield was at some-point fields.

  6. ML i am not sure i get your point.I am talking about the city centre NOT surrounding areas and Lichfield losing its character with flats being built everywhere.Regal cinema flats job centre flats old friary school flats proposal for old kennings flats Beacon park planning for more flats.Angel croft flats.Deans croft by doctors flats.phew.All with a city that does not have the infrastructure to support all these.Its all about money more flats means more tenants and more money.As i said previously a concrete jungle.

  7. there’s one estate in south Lichfield where there don’t seem to be any pavements!

    There are a number of developments, that have some areas, with no pavements. I spoke to the council about this. They are a traffic calming scheme. Where pedestrians and cars, share the same space. I found out about them after almost being hit by a car, when visiting a friend. There are no signs showing these are “shared areas”.

    They are NOT, simply a way for developers to fit more houses, in a space, that would not be possible, if pavements were there.

  8. ML, I think your missing the point of objections to the vast amount of building happening in Lichfield, it’s the scale that most people object to, if it continues this way Lichfield will become an inner!city, doesn’t the saying go ‘all things in moderation’

  9. Dawn another not in my back yard, people have to have houses and unless you stop breeding you need more houses

  10. ML i have put my name but you dont appear to want to do that?.Anyway we are all entitled to our opinions,and it has nothing to do with not in my back yard?The infrastructure has a breaking point,and no i do not live in Lichfield now.I stand by my comments that Lichfield city has now been spoiled.

  11. ML,
    I am not a nimby person at all, you keep saying that
    And…I’ll keep saying, all things in moderation…. :-)

  12. You all moan about planning issues constantly on here but at the same time keep voting in the same politicians. Stand for elections or vote for different politicians who will oppose these developments and associated planning laws. Otherwise don’t expect anything to change. Chesham had the right idea.

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