The leader of Lichfield District Council says a review will take place to prevent travellers setting up unauthorised camps in local parks.

A group had been parked up on Beacon Park in recent days, before being moved on.

It is the latest visit by travellers to the city, with previous sites being occupied at Saddlers Wood and Stychbrook Park.

Cllr Doug Pullen, leader of Lichfield District Council, said:

Doug Pullen

“People will probably know there has been an unauthorised encampment at Beacon Park for the last few days. They have now left.

“We’ll be undertaking a review with the police and internally to see how we can best prevent these things from happening again in the future.”

Cllr Doug Pullen, Lichfield District Council

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  1. Did not LDC say they would do this previously approx 3/4 years ago when we had “travelling visitors”?. Clearly made no difference to date. What is the total extra cost of clearing up so far this Summer? The words door & bolted seem apt!!

  2. Which travellers’ leaders will be asked to contribute to this review? Obviously their voices must be heard.

  3. Ask the travellers what they need and supply it! Give them somewhere they can stay and properly service it and they won’t need to take up these ad hoc illegal pitches?

  4. Huh? Representation for travellers? Where can they park up and what sites have been made for them? The world has gone Woke and PC mad…

  5. But wouldn’t people have less objections if these people weren’t so filthy! And leave a load of mess for others to clean up? Maybe they ought to get some proper toilets ??

  6. It’s about time that these travelling troublemakers were hit with vehicle confiscations for all of the trouble and law breaking that they cause.

  7. Sandwell Council have had a lot of success by finding and providing a site for travellers. Very few use it, however it provides for genuine decent travellers .
    BUT having the site gives the Council powers to move them on within 24 hours if they refuse to move to it. Speak with Sandwell Council. It works.

  8. Well said, Tom, for injecting some common sense into this debate. I hope someone from the council reads your comment and takes your suggestion on board. Always worth looking at what has worked elsewhere. Not providing a site seems to actually be a very expensive option and clearly has not solved the problem.

  9. Re the comments on giving Travellers a ‘voice’- is that so they can say where they prefer to dump their mess and do their damage? By the way- is there any reason why Lichfieldlive isn’t reporting on the mayhem and damage they are doing on Beacon Park? Apologies if I missed it.

  10. All councils legally have to provide a site for travellers.
    Where is it ?
    I agree with Tom and Clare comments.

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