Residents and businesses are being asked for their views on a set of ideas for the long term future of Lichfield city centre.

An artist’s impression of the city centre masterplan

Plans will showcase proposals to improve public spaces when are unveiled next week.

The public realm documents will be displayed at the former Marks and Spencer store in the Three Spires Shopping Centre from 21st June to 2nd July.

Lichfield District Council is also launching an online questionnaire for people to put forward their views. Further details are available at

Cllr Liz Little, cabinet member for major projects, said:

Cllr Liz Little

“This is an exciting opportunity for people to take a look at some of our emerging ideas for future improvements to Lichfield city centre and I’m encouraging as many people as possible to get involved and let us know what they think.

“Our public realm strategy is about making improvements to the public spaces in and around Lichfield city centre and building on the overall proposals set out in our Lichfield city centre masterplan. 

“We want to cultivate distinctive, local solutions with the people who know the city best, so engagement with residents, businesses and visitors to Lichfield city centre is always going to be central to this project.” 

Cllr Liz Little, Lichfield District Council

The public realm consultation is one of several pieces of work planned for 2021 to make progress on the city centre masterplan which was published in 2020.

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  1. “Masterplan”.

    LDC – You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  2. I’m unbelievably excited at yet another “…exciting opportunity…”.
    And they are going to ask the people who know the city best, including “visitors”. ???

  3. Does it matter? All the local residents who are majority over 120 years old, plus the actual councilors themselves with an average age of 90 won’t like anything modern, anything progressive, anything that will appeal to the majority younger demographic of the city. Forget a cinema! Imagine the uproar and disgust.

  4. Views from the average age of this population won’t reflect an innovative ‘master plan’. Combine that with a bunch of dinosaurs running LDC and the outcome will be rubbish, and it will take them decades to get there. The planning department of this city has been and still is awful. The ugly buildings erected, cramped housing estates, lack of infrastructure, transport shambolics, ruined historical sites are the legacy these people leave. Look at other cities and their successes around the country, and then compare these things to Lichfield. They’re terrible.

  5. As a once proud resident of the city, it breaks my heart to say it but, Lichfield is dead. All thanks to this shambolic LDC.

    Parking – shambols
    Green spaces – Disappearing
    Over development – oh yes….
    Infrastructure enhancements – minimal
    Traffic pollution – high
    Congestion – high

    The amount of people who seem unhappy with the direction Lichfield is heading is huge. So why do people vote for this bigoted, money grabbing, incompetent Council??

  6. This is merely lip service for the growing number of hacked-off residents who have watched on over the years as the council destroy what was once a lovely historic city.
    I couldn’t give two hoots what they do with the town centre, I personally don’t plan to live out the rest of my days in Lichfield. I’m done with the anti-social behaviour, lack of policing and lack of entertainment for the children. The atmosphere in Lichfield has changed with all the development over the years and it’s only going to get worse. Such a shame

  7. It is interesting what happened in the Chesham by election. A massive majority turned over in an equally big way. The previous Tory MP was even anti HS2 but the deciding issue was over development. For a number of reasons the government has implemented this and the many associated issues are now more and more apparent. Sadly much indiscriminate development has already taken place in our region. Perhaps the Chesham spirit might change the face of our local political representatives.

  8. Philip, that’s exactly right. The Tory MP there was voted out because of plans to build over the countryside and HS2. This mirrors exactly what is happening in the Lichfield District, so why aren’t we, the people, doing more to oust these local politicians and save Lichfield and its countryside?

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