A councillor says steps must be taken to improve safety at a Lichfield junction after a fatal crash.

The junction at Eastern Avenue and Grange Lane. Picture: Google Streetview

A motoryclist died in the incident at the junction of Grange Lane and Eastern Avenue on Wednesday (16th June).

Cllr Paul Ray, who represents the Chadsmead ward on Lichfield District Council, said residents had long called for action to be taken to improve safety on the road.

Cllr Paul Ray

“The news of this fatality is so tragic and sad.

“My thoughts are with the person’s family and friends and I urge anyone with any information to please contact the police.

“The junction where this accident occurred is in my ward and it is very dangerous.

“I and local residents have campaigned over many years for improved safety at this junction.

“Staffordshire County Council are responsible for our roads and I have contacted the relevant county councillor so I can meet to discuss plans to ensure that the junction is now made safe so that an accident like this never happens again.”

Cllr Paul Ray, Lichfield District Council

A petition was launched following the recent fatal crash, with hundreds of residents signing to call for improvements at the junction.

12 replies on “Councillor calls for safety improvements at Lichfield junction after fatal crash”

  1. Almost all the junctions off Eastern Ave are dicey. Some have poor lines of sight (e.g Halford retail park), some require very careful driving (e.g. by Friary School). Poor design.

  2. Eastern Avenue simply cannot cope with the amount of traffic using the road. At 3.30 pm today the queue of traffic heading towards Trent Valley started by Netherstowe Lane and it wasn’t even peak travel period. Speeds are often in excess of 40 mph as there is no deterrent anywhere along the road. Kings Bromley gets regular visits from the mobile speed camera team but I’ve never seen them on Eastern Avenue. Friends from Stafford can’t believe that we have no speed cameras in Lichfield

  3. This junction is extremely dangerous! I had a near miss a couple of weeks ago when a van turned right onto Eastern Avenue from Grange Lane in front of me without indicating. The junction is confusing and drivers turning right in either of the four directions have to share the same lane space. There should be a mini roundabout there instead. Perhaps Staffordshire CC will take notice now that there has sadly been a fatality.

  4. LDC’s solution to this will of course be to stick a more frequent mobile cash point to get speeding motorists and to fill up their bank balance, with broken promises the funds would go on road repairs. What this junction needs is proper attention to safety with a proper thought out sution. That wouldn’t compute with the councils narrow mind.

  5. Parents parking their cars on the zig zags at the entrance resulting in you taking your life in your hands when pulling out of the leisure centre adds to the danger

  6. If parents parking illegally on zig zags is a problem someone needs to get a load of traffic wardens or police there at school drop off and pick up times every day for a week. Everyone who stops somewhere they know they shouldn’t gets a fine. I bet that sorts the problem out.

  7. I don’t think parking at The Friary School is the main problem on that part of Eastern Avenue. It’s the layout of the junction and the speed of the traffic.

  8. I have recently started working for a well known market chain. My job is a customer driver and drive a lot of miles locally. It think that the council has to take responsibility for some of the poor traffic management markings in the area. A lot of these markings have worn out and have become unrecognisable in places and is dangerous.

  9. These type of junctions do not appear to be very common around the country. Similar ones on busy main roads have no right turn allowed from the main carriageway or have been completely closed because of numerous fatalities.
    Unfortunately grange lane has now become a diversion for commuters avoiding the traffic lights on the A51 western by pass.

  10. @Richard. It’s clear that you strongly dislike LDC, but they don’t have responsibility for speed cameras or road management. Not everything is their fault…

  11. Unfortunately we don’t know how this happened,, who ( if anyone) was speeding/ at fault,.
    I passed the accident and was about to assist when the ambulance pulled up, I saw where the poor chap ended up and the positioning of the car, the view there isn’t impeded by long grass etc and the weather was clear .
    You can stop speeding but can’t lack of attention,.
    We just need to know how this happened so we can all take note .
    R I P to the young chap

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