Michael Fabricant
Michael Fabricant

Lichfield’s MP has highlighted the plight of choral singing – describing it as “one of the casualties of Covid”.

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant said a number of residents had contacted him asking when singing in churches and other venues would be allowed once again.

In a Parliamentary debate he raised the issue with Andrew Selous MP, who represents the Church Commissioners, asking when choral song will be able to return.

Mr Selous said:

“The church is having ongoing discussions with the Government about when choral and communal singing in churches and cathedrals can return, and I’m very aware how frustrating the current situation is for choirs across the country.”

Andrew Selous MP

Speaking after the debate, Mr Fabricant said he would keep up pressure on the plight of choral groups.

“One of the casualties of Covid has been restrictions on choral singing.

“Lichfield, being a cathedral city, has seen a number of residents contact me recently asking when choral singing in churches and elsewhere will be permitted again so I raised the matter in Parliament.

“I am not sure I got any real answer to my question, but it is important to keep the pressure up and I hope that after 19th July – the ‘terminus date’ as Boris Johnson puts it – choral singing and services like Evensong can return fully to normal.”

Michael Fabricant MP

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  1. As usual our fab MP is raising all the major issues faced by his constituency. What a guy. Makes you wonder where we would be without him.

  2. So let me get this right – he’s worried about the missing voices, bells and choral music? The man needs to have a serious rethink about what he sees as priorities for his constituency………Empty shops? Dangerous Roads? Parks filled with travellers? Crime in the community? Food Banks? What about the empty theatres, bars and restaurants having to operate at 50% capacity? Absolute joke!

    The man has lost the plot

  3. Lichfield is a national joke, and it’s all down to the people who keep voting for this useless clown.

  4. What I would like to see is more singing in places of worship and less lying. The last time I saw Mr Fabricant in Lichfield Cathedral, he stood in front of several hundred people and vowed we would “automatically” be members of the EEA after Brexit, and no one would lose their freedom of movement. I would describe Mr Fabricant’s inability to tell the truth as “one of the casualties of Brexit”.

  5. I can’t stop laughing at this…!!! This is what he chooses to raise concerns for his constituency over??

    What about lack of infrastructure for an exponentially growing city? Nah….

    What about Travellers using Lichfield like a Haven caravan park? Nah….

    What about the amount of over development blighting a once beautiful city? Nah….

    What about the impact of COVID on Lichfield City Centre? Nah….


  6. Whilst this shows the MP really has his finger on the pulse of his core base, I am in fact quite angry today at seeing all the football fans roaming willy-nilly around London singing & shouting their heads off, yet people can’t sing in choirs or at funerals.
    This sort of double-standards will turn people away from doing the right thing.
    So there is a point in this, though I wish he’d support things like better traffic measures on Eastern Avenue, for example, especially after the tragic incident recently, my condolences.

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