A petition is calling for improvements to a Lichfield road junction following the death of a motorcyclist.

The junction at Eastern Avenue and Grange Lane. Picture: Google Streetview

The rider died in a crash at the junction of Eastern Avenue and Grange Lane earlier this week.

Local resident Chris Gray has now started a petition calling for changes to the “notorious junction”.

“The time has come to make immediate changes to improve the road layout, preferably by introducing an island to slow down traffic.

“For many years there have been numerous accidents at this notorious junction.

“Lichfield has an enormous number of new homes built over the last few years and continues to do so, yet the roads are not receiving improvements.”

Chris Gray

Hundreds have already signed the petition, with many also highlighting the dangers of the junction.

“It’s a free for all and people don’t know how to use it – you need eyes in the back of your head and to be very alert when you approach this junction.”

Petition comment

Police are appealing for any witnesses to the accident on 16th June involving the Yamaha motorbike and a white Audi to come forward.

Anyone with information can call 101, quoting incident 668 of 16th June.

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  1. Considering that a police station is not that far away.they would have realised how bad this junction was.nobody seems s to care anymore.

  2. What a terrible thing to happen for all concerned. When the children are cloning out of school it’s a nightmare around there with parents parking, children who are unpredictable and normal traffic all coming together. I’m surprised there aren’t more accidents.

  3. Only way is put traffic lights there.eastern ave has become a rat run the highways agency have got to wake up and do something one fatality is one to many.

  4. Another example of the short sighted actions by the council. Eastern avenue has become consumed by development; as will the Southern Bypass. The solution has now become part of the problem. More traffic, more accidents. Especially where there are side roads. The rapid and thoughtless expansion of Lichfield will be its downfall. The so called affordable housing (which they are not) is the excuse for quick profits. Build and move on. Leave the problems behind. Not unlike the tower block cladding when you see the response from the developers. Sad that accidents are taking lives, especially young ones.

  5. I often asked why the underpass was filled-in, didn’t seem to make much sense to me. As for school parking, it’s a massive issue in Lichfield. £1000 spot-fines would be my solution.

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