Lichfield’s MP has joined calls for defibrillators to be installed at football clubs across the country.

A number of MPs from across the political spectrum have urged the Football Association to fund the life-saving equipment rather than just providing a discount.

The calls come after the cardiac arrest suffered by Denmark international Christian Eriksen during the European Championships this month.

“I have joined Mary Foy, the Labour MP for Durham, calling on the Football Association to provide additional funding and speed up the installation of this life saving equipment.

“Cardiac arrests like Christian Eriksen’s are thankfully very rare –  around one in 50,000 among sportspeople.

“But as we witnessed, they do occur and are far more common amongst spectators.

“The Denmark v Finland game also highlighted how crucial it is that there is pitchside access to life-saving medical equipment whether that be at the European Championships in Copenhagen, an under 15 game in Burntwood, or a walking football match in Lichfield.”

Michael Fabricant MP

Mr Fabricant said it was crucial that grassroots clubs had access to both equipment and training to ensure they could save a life if the need arose.

Michael Fabricant MP

“The response, especially by Danish captain Simon Kjaer and match referee Anthony Taylor, showed the need for the expansion of the FA’s Emergency Aid course to become compulsory to a delegation of players, coaches and referees at each grassroots club and county FA up and down the country.

“The course aims to provide participants with the knowledge, practical skills and confidence to be able to attend a conscious or unconscious casualty – these were skills we saw to life-saving effect on the pitch in Copenhagen.

“Expanding participation in the Emergency Aid course will help more people feel comfortable in their skills of CPR and other life-saving procedures.

“But equipment is needed too.”

Michael Fabricant MP

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  1. Come to think of it, lets all have a defibrillator that we can carry around in like a little haversack, just as people carried gas masks during the war despite the fact that the Germans were never going to use toxic gas, least of all on a civilian population. And forget the fact that A&E services are about the worst of any country in Western Europe and people die in UK hospitals for want of a drink of water … we’ll be safe with our defibrillators. Maybe Jeff Bezos makes them.

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