More than 2,000 people have now signed a petition calling for improvements at a Lichfield junction.

The junction of Grange Lane and Eastern Avenue. Picture: Google Streetview

The online signatures came after a motorcyclist died in a crash at the junction of Grange Lane and Eastern Avenue.

Chris Gray, who launched the petition, said steps were urgently needed to improve safety at the site.

“The time has come to make immediate changes to improve the road layout, preferably by introducing an island to slow down traffic.

“For many years there have been numerous accidents at this notorious junction.

“Lichfield has an enormous number of new homes built over the last few years and continues to do so, yet the roads are not receiving improvements.”

Chris Gray

A local councillor has also demanded action at the site after previous campaigns from people living nearby.

Cllr Paul Ray said:

“The news of this fatality is so tragic and sad.

“The junction where this accident occurred is in my ward and it is very dangerous. I and local residents have campaigned over many years for improved safety at this junction.”

Cllr Paul Ray

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  1. Paul Ray, all mouth and no action yet again. You say campaigned for many years yet nothing done. Get results Paul then you may have some credibility.

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