A bid for £5million of funding for a new leisure centre in Lichfield has been submitted.

A proposed plan of the new leisure centre layout at Stychbrook Park

Lichfield District Council has applied to the Government’s Levelling Up Fund in a bid to secure the money for the proposed facility at Stychbrook Park.

Preparatory work is taking place in preparation for formal public consultation on the scheme later this year.

Cllr Liz Little, cabinet member responsible for major projects, said:

Cllr Liz Little

“We’ve had some fantastic support in putting this bid together, including from our local MP Michael Fabricant, from local sports clubs, from other local authorities and NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups, our local enterprise partnerships and many more.

“The new leisure centre is vitally important to the future of the city and the district and represents so much more than just building.

“I believe our bid articulates an exciting vision, that this new facility, alongside Burntwood Leisure Centre, will become a focal point for helping increase participation in leisure and sport across our district, helping tackle health issues and creating a new hub for the community to complement existing facilities.

“With the Birmingham Commonwealth Games fast approaching, now is the time for us to make the case for our new leisure centre.

“The Levelling Up Fund assigns a priority level to each local authority and regrettably Lichfield has been designated as priority 3, the lowest priority for funding.

“However, what I hope comes through is that we are leaving no stone unturned to secure the funding needed to complete the project and that we are using it to focus our efforts on meeting the identified health and leisure priorities of the district.”

Cllr Liz Little, Lichfield District Council
Stychbrook Park. Picture: Google Streetview

Lichfield District Council has already committed £5million towards the cost of the new leisure centre.

The new facility will replace the existing Friary Grange Leisure Centre. It is expected to include a 25 metre swimming pool, fitness centre, community rooms and a 3G football pitch.

The outcome of the Levelling Up funding bid is expected in the autumn.

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  1. Just for record, the letter was also signed by Cllr Paul Ray, (for LibDems) Cllr Joanne Grange (Independent) and me (for the Majority Opposition Labour Group).
    Let’s hope they are as successful as the Labour Lichfield District Council was bidding for funding for a new Burntwood Leisure Centre in 1999.
    If not, let’s hope Mr Fabricant will take credit – as he no doubt will if it is successful – when the result is known.

  2. There is something being planned here.

    A new pool being built just up the road, from the proposed new leisure centre. The council are now applying for funding.

    The day before this story comes out. The pool down the road, has a story featuring stars, saying how great it is.

    I expect the council, will get some of the funding. They will need to continue without a pool. As the one down the road, will meet the communities needs.

  3. Would there be funding available to replace the fencing on the Astroturf at Burntwood leisure centre to prevent the local youths forcing there way in & having no regards for the goals / surface

  4. We need a proper Leisure Centre not just a swimming pool. The proposal is in the wrong place have the council asked residents close to Stybrook Park if they are happy to loose a green field site and have a swimming pool with an all weather football pitch replace what is already a great facility. Traffic on Eastern Avenue is a serious issue without this white elephant.

  5. How about building a leisure centre opposite the train station !
    There is already a wide open space from the last council cock up!
    And we wouldn’t be destroying a nice big open green space.
    To think you people are actually elected is ridiculous !!

  6. Would all elected officials involved please repond to my mind to the logical use of the old Kennings site

  7. Use the land opposite the station , car park next door as well as the bus station .On entering Lichfield , this site is an eye sore, why not use that or is there something the council are not telling us

  8. A learner pool should be mandatory, they’re used not just for young children but also for the less physically able, the raise lower floor opens up the facility to all. A changing space should also be mandatory. All items that you would think the equality act would demand. How in this day and age any organisation should be allowed to build something that’s not accessible to all is beyond me especially a council who should be setting standards. Lichfield isn’t a particularly accessible place, its easy to blame it on being an old place but when you build a new facility you have no excuse. Additionally I agree with Dave Clark, this isn’t a leisure centre, a place the size of Lichfield needs a sports hall, squash courts, gym, why not a soft play, small bowling alley, climbing walls? Lacks ambition E-

  9. Totally agree that this is totally in the wrong place , a decision made with total disregard for the residents backing onto stychbrook field and their quality of life . There Will be floodlights there , on I dare say until approximately 10.30 pm with continuous noise from the football pitch which include all the colourful language that goes along with that . I wonder how many of our councillors would like this built directly behind their own houses …. Oh none . Something such as this needs to be built away from houses , like where the two football pitches are on the A51 , affecting no one but still giving local access to Lichfield residents . The traffic on Eastern Avenue has become an absolute joke and all this will do is add to it …. Just a thought , why not put it on the other side of Eastern Avenue, opposite stychbrook park , don’t know who owns the land though

  10. Build a new leisure centre with a football pitch and a swimming pool and make people pay to use it or alternatively leave a big green open space with football pitches on it that is free to use !
    Fortunately, our Council haven’t got a track record of destroying things at massive cost and getting away ‘scott free’ and leaving the taxpayer to foot the bill !

  11. How about using the abadoned caravan park…..massive land, been left for many years. Their are a number of sites this leisure centre could be built. Yet our council an this Liz Little, are clearly out for their own interests. They even accepted Bromfords appilcation, to try squeese in houses an flats up the cycle track, next to a constant blocking, unkept brooke, an very busy Netherstowr school. So should we trust them? Of course not. To go ahead, is a disgrace, its not what we need, its not in the best interests of its location, its a higher cost then other projects for pools… I could go on but whats the point. Tories do what they like, an the public keep voting them. God i wish they didnt exist

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