An outdoor screening of the Elton John biopic Rocketman is taking place at the National Memorial Arboretum.


The 2019 film follows the music superstar as his career sees him rise from performing at local pubs through to global stardom.

The Luna Cinema screening takes place on Friday (16th July).

Tickets are £15.50. For more details and to book visit the National Memorial Arboretum website.

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  1. £15.50 is just a mental price to charge. That more than a cinema, with reclining chairs, air conditioning, state of the art sound and vision……! I get the novelty of it being open air but, even so!

    Why so expensive? Who organises this stuff??

  2. Isn’t the place supposed to be a memorial to people who have died, not a place to screen overpriced films?

  3. Well said BD- the Royal British Legion is continually dumbing down the whole reason the NMA was created. Visiting during lock down was like visiting a baby and toddlers outdoor play centre. Children were racing around the various monuments, families having picnics etc. They soon discovered that for a £4 parking fee they could let their little darlings burn off energy while having a catch up. For the many people visiting a monument to remember those lost in the many conflicts, it must have been distressing in the extreme.

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