Members of the Lichfield forensics team
Members of the Lichfield forensics team. Picture: Staffordshire Police

Forensic experts in Lichfield have received the highest possible accolade for their work.

The Staffordshire Police Forensic Investigation Team was recommended for the ISO 17020 crime scene examination accreditation following an inspection by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

Adam Dodkins, Forensic Investigation Manager, said:

“If you’re an unfortunate victim of a burglary, for example, a forensic investigator would attend as part of the police response to carry out a forensic examination of the scene, which could include the identification and recovery of evidence such as fingerprint, DNA and footwear marks.

“This accreditation recognises that the work of the team sent out to your house is first class and that they are using all their specialist training and knowledge, to identify offenders as part of the criminal justice process.”

Adam Dodkins

The UKAS team recommended the acceditation after just one inspection.

“This process was started several years ago and even in spite of most the recent challenges and circumstances facing everyone the team has risen to the accreditation challenge brilliantly. “

Adam Dodkins

Temporary chief constable Emma Barnett said:

“Achieving this accreditation is testament to the hard work of the forensics team and should give confidence to the people of Staffordshire that the evidence they gather at crime scenes is the best possible and is used effectively to solve crime and secure criminal convictions. 

“I’m very proud of everyone who has made this possible. It’s such a special and important achievement – and even more so during the challenging 18 months we’ve all experienced in the pandemic.”

Emma Barnett

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  1. Well done Staffordshire Police, but let’s put this in context: accreditation to ISO 17020 is not a PRIZE, it’s a REQUIREMENT set by the UK Forensic Regulator for all police forces and other organisations carrying out crime scene examinations.

    The deadline for police forces to achieve this accreditation was set for October 2020, but this deadline was moved forward to October 2021 because of the pandemic.

    In contrast to the commercial sector, the public sector (i.e. police forces) has been very slow to achieve accreditation to ISO17020. Cellmark Forensic Services gained this accreditation in 2012!

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