Sel and Beurre dishes
Sel and Beurre dishes

A pop-up restaurant is coming to a Lichfield city centre venue.

The Hub at St Mary’s will be welcoming Sel and Beurre on 30th July.

Created by experienced chef Will Hodson, the pop-up eatery will focus on creating seasonal and distinctive dishes.

“This event will be an opportunity for Sel and Beurre to introduce our food to Lichfield, with a summer months inspired four course tasting menu.

“We feel The Hub offers a striking and unusual setting for a dining event and suits our concept, which gives opportunities for a range of creative occasions.”

Will Hodson

Tickets are £45 and include the meal and a welcome drink. They can be booked in advance online.

Mel Heath, from The Hub, said:

“Lichfield has always been a bit of a foodie epicentre. Over the last couple of years we’ve seen more contemporary food ventures arrive on the scene offering the latest delectable zeitgeist.

“When we were approached by Sel and Beurre to host their latest pop-up, I was so excited to pair the serene ambiance of our unique and beautiful venue with Will’s menu, and bring a fresh and exciting new food offering to The Hub.”

Mel Heath, The Hub at St Mary’s

All details including the menu are available at

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  1. I may be a bit out of touch with dining out, but 45 pounds sounds a bit high to me, especially when so many people have been struggling financially. I don’t think I’ll be going there any time soon, thanks.

  2. £45 Really!!! £90 !!! for a Couple to eat out.
    Totally unrealistic in the present climate when many are struggling to put food on the table,

  3. There are many people who live in Lichfield who are rather wealthy. They can afford £45, but I think there are a far greater number of people who have been severely affected by Brexit and by the pandemic who can not. Disgracefully out of touch and a tad insensitive to advertise an event this expensive at such a time. And The Hub of all places! A them and us divide has never been quite so apparent – with a government that exists only to serve the wealthy. Bonkers. And in a way, shameful. A city and a country of foodbanks alongside high cost dining. I know it’s 4 courses, but many in our city probably only just manage to get 2 meals a day, never mind courses.

  4. And to think that St Mary’s was until recent times a church centre. I can only guess at who the intended market consists of now. Don’t know where ML dines out, but sounds like other places to avoid. Never mind, the well off can frequent such places, and the not so well off can lump it with the likes of McDonald’s.

  5. Christine,do the maths.3 Couse meal plus drinks easily reaches eighty odd pounds if in a reasonable restaurant

  6. There are people on Universal Credit who would be expected to pretty much feed themselves and their young families for a week on around £45. Spare a thought for those who are trying hard to survive by get let down by the system.

  7. Many people are massively struggling financially, but many others are doing fine. I don’t think £45 a head is unusual for four courses, indeed for fine dining it’s at the cheap end of the scale. I wouldn’t fancy it at present, though, mainly due to the high chance of catching an unpleasant illness…

  8. ML… sorry but this Pop up Restaurant is solely. “Haute Cuisine” little bits of food in the Middle of a Plate. Trimmed up with flowers and bits of cress. .. very nice for those that have that sort of money.
    I agree with Christine.

  9. RM, steak and chips with a salad, a sweet, coffee a drink or two comes to 40 pound a head. Cod and chips for two is around 20 pounds

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