The 'blue hoarding' site in Burntwood. Picture: Google Streetview

Plans for 87 new homes on land in Burntwood are due to be debated by councillors this week.

Bromford Housing hopes to build houses on the so-called ‘blue hoardings’ site off Milestone Way.

The proposals will now be discussed by Burntwood Town Council’s planning committee at a meeting on Tuesday (20th July).

The views of the committee will then form part of the discussion when a final decision is made by Lichfield District Council.

The scheme has already drawn criticism from local councillors due to the area having been long earmarked as part of a new town centre development.

Cllr Steve Norman said a leaflet outlining the plans gave no consideration to the land being used for anything other than housing.

“The document has the usual artist’s impression of a lovely development – designed to win the support of the public – and shows the whole of the ‘blue hoarding site’ covered with houses.

“The landowner already has planning permission for retail development and has promised he town that is what they want to do for years now.

“In addition, the Burntwood Neighbourhood Plan supports this proposal, as does Lichfield District Council’s own Local Plan.”

Cllr Steve Norman

The meeting of Burntwood Town Council’s planning committee will take place at 6pm at Burntwood Memorial Institute.

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  1. So the council will waffle again over the use of this ground and Lichfield will make the decision irrespective of what the outcome will be how many times is this going to happen Burntwood Town Council has no teeth for making any decision over Lichfield.How many years has this piece of ground been debated with no outcome. Even genuine proposals by B.A.G have fell by the wayside.
    The infrastructure of Burntwood in general is so poor but nothing happens to support what is in place as it is. A new medical centre is required to replace ageing surgeries to support a 30k+ Community and that was suggested for this piece of ground to no avail so yet another pointless meeting will be conducted with no real genuine need outcome as whatever is decided Lichfield council will crush it as history tells us.
    A Disgruntled Resident!!!

  2. As long as decisions rely on rubber stamping by Lichfield , Burntwood will be a residential area to allow the city of Lichfield to remain a quaint tourist area whoa betide it being swamped by residential areas in the centre ie opposite the train station. That will eventually be shops but Burntwood doesn’t require any services obviously!!!!!

  3. I for one would welcome starter homes being built on this site. More affordable houses are needed. If not starter homes then what about some new homes suitable for our ageing population such as bungalows? I hope this goes ahead. High street shopping is a thing of the past so the idea to build retail units here is out dated in my opinion. You only need to see how many empty shop units there are already. What Burntwood needs is a full redevelopment of Sankeys Corner precinct. It will never happen though as Burntwood Council are pathetic and have been for years. Sankeys has been an eyesore for 20 years now.

  4. Richard. Quaint tourist attraction, are you serious? The city is being choked to death with houses. It will be residential opposite the train station don’t you worry.

  5. Gary Vinegar – what do you expect the council to do about Sankeys considering it is privately owned? Would you take kindly to a council telling you what to do with something you owned? Your house maybe? Unfortunately the council’s hands are tied……

  6. At Null…The council could of and still could insist landlords / landowners make sure their property is well maintained and of benefit to its locality. If landlords fail to do this councils can compulsory purchase. This though would be hard work so unlikely either LDC or Burntwood Councillors would ever be bothered to do.

  7. Gary vinegar Social housing was built opposite this site although they seem to have forgotten the promised pub, the other plans for the site were pushed aside by Lichfield for the friary development which then flopped drastically.

  8. Burntwood will become just a commuting town with no local industry or jobs and yet we are having the carbon footprint guilt trip rammed down our throats for using cars. Most people have to travel outside of Burntwood for work, shopping etc. and eventually, this area will become gridlocked with the amount of traffic if we keep populating it. LDC, there’s a balance to keep here and you are falling very short of it.

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