The site of a former school and adult day care centre in Burntwood has been sold to a housing association.

The site at Sycamore Road. Picture: Google Streetview
The site at Sycamore Road. Picture: Google Streetview

Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet has agreed to sell the Sycamore Road land to Bromford.

The 3.3acre site had most recently used as offices for the authority before it was vacated in 2019 and subsequently demolished

Staffordshire County Council’s Cabinet agreed today that the 3.3 acre site at Sycamore Road, Burntwood, could be sold to Bromford, a specialist housing association.

Cllr Mark Deaville, Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet member for commercial, said:

“The buildings were old, expensive to heat, had no disability access and needed a great deal of work doing if we were to carry on using them.

“Staff could easily use better offices elsewhere, so it made sense to demolish the buildings and, when the time was right, offer the land for sale.”

Cllr Mark Deaville, Staffordshire County Council

Cllr Deaville added that the sale, following on from the redevelopment of the former Greenwood House nursing home into a new GP practice, showed the county council was prepared to ensure assets were being used.

“The council regularly reviews its land, property and assets to ensure it makes full use of them and is getting best value for taxpayers.

“Both Greenwood House and the sale of the Sycamore Road site are good examples of using unwanted and unused assets for the benefit of local residents and the council.”

Cllr Mark Deaville, Staffordshire County Council
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John Allen
2 years ago

Another extension of Bromford City…. oh sorry, Lichfield and Burntwood.

Gary Vinegar says this is a good decision
2 years ago

This is a sensible decision and good use of this land. It’s in a well established residential area and additional homes for vulnerable people is something that is needed.

Wendy Reece
2 years ago

Staffordshire County Council seem to have more of a say about Burntwood than Burntwood do. We do not need more housing we need what every other town has. Decent Shopping Facilities. It’s no use adding more and more residents to an area that has no amenities, all it does is fill the roads to overflowing ( and they are in a disgusting state in parts too). Also ,what about entertainment in the way of cinema, bowling, dancing etc. It’s time to say No More Houses until the amenities are put in place.

M. Edwards
2 years ago

Burntwood will never get anymore retail units or cinema, the boat has long gone with John Prescott.
Let’s just hope all the planning permission are in place and not end up giving Bromford Homes another £1000k of our money.

Chris Kinchin
2 years ago

I agree with Wendy. We have enough housing already. Give us amenities we can all enjoy instead.

Gary Vinegar says we do not need a bowling alley or cinema
2 years ago

Burntwood had a cinema for years and years. It closed down and was derelict for ages before it was demolished. It was never used. Cinemas are old hat. People watch films on HD TVs these days. It cheaper and easier. We do need starter homes. We do need homes for vulnerable people. We do need affordable homes. We also need a Town and District council who have guile and hunger to take on the landlords letting Sankeys Corner fall into such a sorry state. I wish people would stop saying we need a cinema & bowling alley because they’ve seen someone else mention it. They’d be a total waste of space and money.

2 years ago

Gary you talk rubbish, a live transmission of a ballet or opera projected onto a cinema screen are always fully booked. You must be a settee monkey just staring at a box in the corner of a room. Get out and start living

2 years ago

A lot of land appears to be going to Bromford. Are they making the highest offers for the land? Or, is it all being agreed at mates rates?