Lichfield District Council House
Lichfield District Council House

Council officials say steps are being taken to move on travellers who set up camp in Lichfield.

The group have moved on to land at Netherstowe.

A Lichfield District Council spokesperson said:

“We will progress the removal of the encampment as soon as we can.

“In the meantime, any concerns about anti-social behaviour should be reported to the police.”

Lichfield District Council spokesperson

The visit is the latest by travellers to the city, with previous camps being set up in Streethay, Boley Park and Stychbrook Park in recent months.

In June, one group even set up camp next door to the council’s own offices on Frog Lane.

A previous traveller group who set up on land at Netherstowe last year had to be escorted from the site after clashes with local residents.

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  1. Well done Lichfield Council !!! You’ve welcomed non tax paying residents to incur more costs to your law abiding tax payers again ? I would check how much the residents of Lichfield are paying for policing and ask for a discount for bad service ?

  2. @Grumpy old Man. How would you prevent/resolve the situation at zero cost? I’m intrigued.

  3. Travellers also parked on football pitches at Beacon Park earlier this year. And on the car park of Staffordshire college where they caused distress to staff and students and a danger to students with special needs by entering college buildings. The law should allow legal removal of these people within hours by force if needed whether the land is public or private. It’s the same groups over and over and it’s easy enough to tell just keep a record of the vehicles. Someone’s going to appear in the comments saying not all travellers. No one cares. No ones saying all travellers. Travellers like the ones this article have no respect for others. they could live a nomadic lifestyle without engaging in persistent criminal and antisocial behaviour and leaving behind damage and mess for others to deal with but they don’t. If they’re Irish as a lot of them look from the plates on their vehicles they should be deported.

  4. Why Oh why can’t a high court injunction be made to cover the Lichfield area, very much like the anti cruising injunction that is posted on many roadside notices in the Burntwood area?

  5. They’ve appeared back in the old Frairy school as well.

    Definitive action required to prevent this from recurring.

  6. I have seen them pull onto tippers car park, around ten caravans. When will this stop. They need a place to live, but where

  7. Most councilors aren’t bothered so long as it does not affect them .A decent council leader and a decent MP by now should have made more effort to have tried to have sorted this ongoing problem.They have gone very quiet all of a sudden.The travellers return knowing that Lichfield is an easy target

  8. I overheard one of the travellers in the coop, saying they were going to be moving to Morrison’s soon. The child said why are we moving. The adult said because nobody likes ha here. I think someone should be told about this planned movement.

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