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Police say a crackdown has reduced the number of catalytic converter thefts across Staffordshire.

The parts have been targeted due to a rise in the price of rare metals used in their manufacture, with 68 offences recorded in February in the county.

But Staffordshire Police say that dropped to 24 in June and 10 so far this month.

Chief Inspector David Wain said the force had used intelligence reports and information from victims to target individuals and groups committing the crimes, as well as raising awareness with the public.

“We need people’s help to tackle this issue so we ask that they look out for this type of activity and record descriptions – noting down anything that could be useful to us.

“Try to obtain any key information such as registration numbers of vehicles carrying offenders and makes and models in case the plates have been changed.

“Often offenders will raise a targeted vehicle on a jack to get to the catalytic converter.

“We would like to remind people that the tools they carry for such offences are dangerous to others so we would encourage people not to approach them and to call 999 if the crime is in progress.”

Chief Inspector David Wain, Staffordshire Police

He said officers would continue to target those behind such crimes.

“It’s important for members of the public to stay alert.

“We’re delighted that the work being done by officers right across the county is having an impact, but we’re not complacent.

“While this kind of crime might be perceived by some as low-level, we know it has a very high impact on the victim often resulting in their vehicle being written off and a big increase in personal insurance.

“This is particularly impactive on people who rely on their vehicle due to disability or for their employment.”

Chief Inspector David Wain, Staffordshire Police

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