Services on the West Coast Main Line to and from Lichfield Trent Valley have been delayed after a balloon got caught up in overhead cables.

The balloon caught in overhead cables on the West Coast Main Line. Picture: Network Rail

The incident happened near Tamworth this morning (2nd August).

The party balloon became caught in the 25,000 volt overhead lines, causing closure of the line while it was removed.

James Dean, Network Rail’s West Coast South route director, said:

“Whilst balloons are fun and bring a sense of celebration to any event, they can be dangerous and cause delays.

“Our advice is not let them loose outside, especially if you’re near the railway.

“Leave them indoors away from high-voltage equipment so we can keep trains running on time.”

James Dean, Network Rail

Network Rail say there have been more than 600 balloon-related incidents on lines across the country over the past decade.

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  1. Balloons are also a hazzard to horse riders too. Horses are easily spooked by items flying above or below head level, and can be very difficult to control or pacify when meeting up with these. Balloons landing in the horse’s field can cause similar mayhem. Best kept indoors.

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