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A rider has seen their electric scooter seized by police in Lichfield after being caught using it on the pavement.

Police said the male rider was also reported for having no insurance after the incident today (2nd August).

A Staffordshire Police spokesperson said:

“Even though e-scooters are legally available to purchase, it’s currently against the law to ride a privately owned one in a public place.

“This includes pavements, roads, parks, canal towpaths and within town centres.

“The only place a privately owned e-scooter can be used is on private land, with the land owners permission.

Riders who are caught illegally riding their e-scooter face the scooter being seized and not getting it back as it will be disposed of accordingly, a £300 and six points on their driving licence.”

Staffordshire Police spokesperson

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  1. These are becoming an ever-increasing pavement menace, so it’s good to see the Police doing something about it.

  2. It’s about blooming time and hopefully the police will now clamp down on the e-scooter morons more often. I’m in Bournemouth on hols this week and there’s loads of these prats whizzing around and it’s seems like they can do so with impunity!

  3. I don’t understand how electric assisted bikes are allowed but these aren’t. I visited Lyon pre-pandemic and these were everywhere, but allowed to be on the road. I saw barely any traffic except delivery vehicles and cars with mostly full occupancy.

    Perhaps the police should focus on the real crimes like drug dealing, which is prevalent around curborough co op and the dimbles shops.

    Although they would probably need another increase in funding.

  4. Some people on push bikes are a menace too,No road tax, no number plate,no insurance,no mot and no speedo required.Yet they want more cycle lanes and moan about cars and motorbikes.

  5. Well Victor Meldrew, motorists haven’t paid ‘road tax’ for an awful long time. The current system is based on emissions, which of course cycles don’t have, and some cars are exempt. Insurance – many cyclists hold insurance, and if not household insurance will often cover cycles. MOT – for a cycle, are you serious? Speedo- really? How fast do you think they will go? If you are going to voice your bigoted opinions, at least do your homework first. And yes, there are some irresponsible people riding cycles, just as there are irresponsible drivers. The difference is that cyclists rarely kill other people, whereas motorists often do.

  6. Figures for the year ending June 2020 show there were 1,580 reported road deaths.
    There was one death caused by a cycle.

  7. I have to agree with Biggus on this. Staff Police – especially Lichfield seem to boast about stopping these sorts of crimes. (ie catching daft teens on e-scooters) but are blatantly ignoring the major anti social offences happening all around the area. Parts of Chasetown are like a drug dealers paradise and you won’t see a Copper if you spent all day looking for one. Break ins are on the up, gangs of knife carrying violent youths are coming into Lichfield from Birmingham on the train looking for trouble, aggravated car thefts increasing and yet we get them giving it the big Keystone Cops impressions over Scooters. Not good enough.

  8. So far, I have found these e-scooters a minor annoyance and that is that. Do I want them off the pavement? Preferably, but do I want them off the pavement and seized at the expense of other crimes not being dealt with? No. I would rather the police focus their attentions on the bigger issues that affect the citizens of Lichfield such as the rise in car theft, drug dealing, anti social behaviour from travellers etc. These are the things we really want sorting. It just strikes me that by aiming for the e-scooter owners the police can go after a soft target with an easy result.

  9. Yes the drug issue is really bad in burntwood. Go down to swan island after dark and see transactions taking place. However e scooter s are illegal to use ina public place unless they are rented as part of a recognized trial scheme. They are dangerous and children can be seen riding them on pavement s in burntwood most days. I think they should be confiscated.

  10. Drug dealing etc is being tackled by the police it is just not published like riding illegally on scooters is

  11. It’s about time that the misuse of pavements was stamped down on. That includes e scooters, skateboarders, cyclists and pavement parking by inconsiderate drivers. The pavements should be kept clear for pedestrians and those in wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

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