A digital speed indicator
A digital speed indicator

Councillors in Burntwood are set to decide whether to reinstall speed indication displays around the town.

The issue will be discussed at a meeting of Burntwood Town Council on 10th August.

A report revealed that the devices had previously been rotated between Highfield Road, Milestone Way, St Matthew’s Road, Chasetown High Street, Stables Way and Spinney Way.

But they have not been used for almost a year due to battery failure and issues with fixings.

The report said there was no reason for the speed indicators to be introduced in the first place.

“It is not clear what evidence was used to determine the need for speed indication devices or why the six specific locations were chosen.

“Between January 2015 and December 2020 no road in the town met the threshold for investigation because of road safety concerns.

“The town council has not received any significant and consistent complaints about speeding in the town.”

Report to Burntwood Town Council meeting

The report added that the cost of rotating the devices between the locations again would cost between £300 and £500.

It said the previous system of moving them could not be used again after health and safety concerns were raised.

“The previous method of moving the speed indication devices is unsafe and external contractors would need to be used in the future.

“The speed indication devices were previously relocated manually by one member of staff. The batteries were also changed by the same person.

“No risk assessment has ever been prepared for these tasks. The member of staff had not at that time been provided with appropriate manual handling training.

“Removing a heavy object at height, via step ladders sited often on uneven ground immediately adjacent to a busy road, is risky.”

Report to Burntwood Town Council meeting

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  1. Hospital Rd in Burntwood is currently the worst I have ever seen and because it has such a long legnth of straight road with no deterrent in the form of cameras, build outs or speed humps it has clearly become the ” go to” road to test out the souped up and popcorn tuned cars and is a serious noise, safety and environmental problem for residents. I have never understood why nothing has ever been put in place with the amount of domestic housing, football field and kids playground along the entire road. It would be life changing to get some sort of traffic calming to just reduce the noise pollution.

  2. In Hammerwich Parish we installed two SID’s, one on Highfields Road and one on Hospital Road. We chose to install Solar Powered units, displaying vehicle speed, and a green smiley face for compliant drivers and a red angry face for drivers over the limit.

    Drivers have taken this ‘tongue in cheek’ approach very well, speeds have notably reduced on both roads, backed up with our Speed Watch confirmation which recorded a reduction of 30% in actual driver notifications, and a marked reduction in top end speeds, I.e. over 40mph.

    Local residents were also pleased with the impact, and the effect seems to be the same after five months. Batteries are recharged constantly by solar panels have ensured constant 24-7 recording.

    As part of Hammerwich Parish Council road safety initiative, two more SID’s are being purchase under our capital projects programme.

    The units have a capital outlay of just under £2,500 each, inc vat and carriage, and the installation of posts by Amy are £500.

  3. No problem with this as long as they don’t get treated in a way I’ve seen elsewhere, where they became like a computer game to see who could get the highest score, or whether gangs of cars could keep them lit up. They do have a part to play; anything is better than the infernal speed humps.

  4. Rugeley Road, Burntwood 3 blind junctions and a school. Staffs safer roads failed for 8 months, other than a “there there” phone call, to do a single thing about the speed issues.
    If there has been no data collected in Burntwood how can they assign a speed camera van to Hospital Road and Highfield Road, like they do?

  5. Speed indicators erected several times in Chase Road. Totally ignored, then destroyed by idiots, then one totally disappeared. Complete waste of our Money. LDC should pressure Highways to repair potholes and sunken manholes and drains.

  6. Janice,I agree with every word. I live near the island junction of Hanney Hay Road and Hospital Road. Believe me when I say that the smiley faces do not work in the man i have watched cars ignore them at 50! The worst,and the worst for noise nuisance are motorbikes. I suggest that the smiley face is relocated towards the bend at the bottom of Highfield Road facing the Triangle. The noise is especially bad at night. We need something to connect speeding drivers to the police or we need some of the staffs police who do such great work on the A5 to come and sit on Hanney Hay Road.

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