The headteacher at a Lichfield school has described the efforts of students as “phenomenal” as they celebrated their GCSE results.

Ben Cleall, Harry Crumpler, Tom Dale, Conor Coakley and Harrison Clements

More than 200 students from King Edward VI School received their grades today (12th August).

Headteacher Jane Rutherford said:

“After what has been a very turbulent two years it was fantastic to see happy faces and excitement about plans for the coming year.

“Our students have been phenomenal in adapting to the changing landscape of assessment and examinations.

“We managed to complete a set of mock examinations in December 2020 before the second lockdown and then from January onwards they have engaged with remote teaching, coped with self-isolation and then prepared for and undertaken a range of assessments in up to eleven different courses.

“Students and staff have worked hard to ensure that there has been every opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and understanding, preparing students well for the next phase of their education or training.

“Our students are highly capable and they continued to demonstrate their amazing potential in 2021.

“Our highest performing students gained as many as ten grade nines, often with an additional GCSE in further maths which provides a fantastic bridge towards A-Level.

The headteacher was also keen to praise the efforts of staff in supporting students through a challenging educational period.

“To undertake the assessment and moderation for each course there has been a huge additional challenge for staff – it was clear today from seeing the conversations between staff and students, how much this meant to everyone involved. 

“Today brought smiles and tears, often of relief after what has been a long wait.

“Well done to all our students and a huge thank you to staff and families for their support.”

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