A ceremony will mark the beginning of work to renovate and repair an historic church tower in Shenstone.

The old church tower in Shenstone. Picture: Lichfield Lore

The Friends of Shenstone Tower group has been fundraising to carry out the work on the building at St John the Baptist Church.

Plans were approved earlier this year for a new viewing tower to be installed alongside repair work on the 13th Century structure.

A ceremony at 10am on 28th August will mark the beginning of the renovation.

A spokesperson said:

“There will be a chance to see photographs and information about the tower as well as a reception in the church, where coffee and cakes will be available.”

Friends of Shenstone Tower spokesperson

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  1. I do wonder if all of the time and money spent on propping up centuries old buildings would be better spent on providing more modern, fit for purpose buildings. Many old structures have listed status, meaning however unsuitable they are for people, they cannot be altered or replaced. This makes the buildings more important than people, which surely can’t be right.

  2. I think both are important – our history and people. Surely we can keep our history for people to come and see, as well as providing homes for people. This tower is in such a bad state, it would fall down if the repairs were not being done now; and the village community has worshipped here for 1,500 years.

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