We’ve been spoilt in Lichfield when it comes to the work of Luxmuralis over the years.

The Great Exhibition at Lichfield Cathedral

But despite seeing so many creative works developed by local artist Peter Walker and composer David Harper, the spectacle never fails to amaze.

The Great Exhibition has opened this week at Lichfield Cathedral, allowing a celebration of the work of scientists through the ages.

Once again, the historic building – a visual treat even on a normal day – provides a unique canvas for the magic of Luxmuralis.

Trying to explain what takes place at one of these exhibitions is difficult. Light and sound display simply doesn’t do it justice. It doesn’t even feel sufficient to describe The Great Exhibition as a work of art.

No, this is an experience – and one that lingers long after you leave the doors of the cathedral.

Having been fortunate enough to go along to one of the first nights of the exhibition, it was instantly clear that the impact of the sounds and visual stimulus created by these talented artists was being shared by others.

People of all ages, were consumed by the experience; looking left, right, up and down, focused on the ever-changing canvas created throughout the building.

Lichfield has been fortunate to call itself a breeding ground for some incredible creative work over the years – Peter Walker and the Luxmuralis team are definitely adding themselves to that hall of fame.

The Great Exhibition runs until 30th August. Make sure you don’t miss it. For tickets, visit the Lichfield Cathedral website.

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