Vulnerable residents in Lichfield and Burntwood could be given a free blocking device to help prevent regular nuisance calls.

Tony Shore from Staffordshire’s trading standards team launching the call blocker initiative

Staffordshire County Council’s trading standards team has teamed up with Truecall for the initiative.

The device is a small box fitted to a home telephone that can block up to 90% of recorded messages, silent calls and numbers not already pre-identified by residents and their families.

Vulnerable people at risk of such calls can be referred to trading standards for a device by voluntary organisations, GPs and social care teams. They will be loaned for six-month periods but are also available to buy online.

Cllr Victoria Wilson, cabinet member responsible for trading standards, said:

“Nuisance sales calls continue to be a problem for many households particularly vulnerable people and it’s something our trading standards team are working hard to stamp out.

“These types of cold calls, whether sales calls or in many cases deliberate scams, can cause a huge amount of stress and anxiety for those caught up in them.

“Criminals and scammers are also becoming much more sophisticated and professional these days and can sound very convincing.

“Using the call blocker device is one way of cutting out most nuisance calls, which is why we have teamed up with Truecall in this latest project.

“If you have vulnerable elderly family members who receive these types of cold calls, I would encourage people to get in touch with our Trading Standards teams and consider getting one installed.”

Cllr Victoria Wilson, Staffordshire County Council

People can find out more about the project or make a referral by calling 01785 277855 or emailing

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