A councillor says noise from an event in Lichfield over the Bank Holiday weekend was “unacceptable”.

Crooked House in the Park saw DJs such as Pete Tong and Artful Dodger take to the stage on Sunday (29th August).

But Cllr Christine Rapley, Liberal Democrat representative for Chadsmead at Lichfield City Council, said residents had been “plagued by loud music”.

Cllr Christine Rapley
Cllr Christine Rapley

“Without wishing to be a killjoy, this loud volume of music with excessive bass is not acceptable on a Sunday.

“I live some distance from the park but the music was carrying right across the area – it was loud enough to spoil our peace and quiet.

“It must have been deafening for residents of Beacon Park Village and anyone living in close proximity to the park.

“It would be nice to think that on a fine evening we could sit out in the garden, but there was no escape from this abominable noise, even with the windows firmly closed.”

Cllr Christine Rapley, Lichfield City Council

Cllr Rapley said Lichfield District Council should have done more to prevent the noise levels at the event – which ran until 11pm – from disrupting those living in the area.

“The district council might need to fill its coffers by renting out our beautiful park for such events, but there ought to be an obligation on them to monitor the level of sound and potential nuisance.

“We pay a lot for council tax here, and our district council officers are not contactable to complain to of a weekend.  

“A good policy would see the district council monitor the sound levels of every event in Beacon Park with a view to discouraging loud music that must surely only appeal to those who want to switch off their cognitive intelligence.”

Cllr Christine Rapley, Lichfield City Council

“We’ve seen lots of positive feedback”

Cllr Angela Lax, cabinet member for regulatory, housing and health, said that organisers had taken steps to manage any concerns from local residents.

Angela Lax
Angela Lax

“A dance music festival – Crooked House in the Park – was a new event for Beacon Park and we were really impressed by how well run it was.

“In preparation, the organisers sent flyers out to neighbouring properties, which included a phone number for complaints and offered discounted tickets to residents.

“We’ve seen lots of positive feedback, especially from people welcoming a local event that appeals to younger residents.

“However, we did receive a small number of complaints about the noise and as a result we will look again at noise levels in the park for events of this type.

“Our officers can be contacted out of hours by calling 01543 308000 and following the instructions on the recorded message.”

Cllr Angela Lax, Lichfield District Council

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  1. I bet the residents of Andrews House and Beacon Park Village were thrilled to receive an offer of discounted tickets to an electronic dance music festival 🙄

  2. How utterly backward and derogatory are these comments? “loud music that must surely only appeal to those who want to switch off their cognitive intelligence”. No wonder the ageing council is so out of touch with the youth. Comments like these burn bridges.
    Lichfield needs events like these, it needs to prove it is not just a city that caters to retirees or those with huge amounts of money. We need to show the young that this city has a future, and isn’t constantly looking at the past. I for one was impressed that we managed to get this event, and by all accounts it ran smoothly with no major behavioural issues reported. And before anyone moans, I’m a 42 year old father, not some young raver! I wonder if the same councillor has complained about the noise from other events such as the proms in the park, or the annual fireworks display? I doubt it. Stop looking backwards and start looking to the future! Let’s make Lichfield a vibrant city, not the city of the dead!

  3. One Day Only given up for younger folk to have day of Rave music they enjoy without going into Birmingham. I’m a Breacon Park Resident and we were notified that music would start 11am finishing 11pm. And that is exactly what happened. We might live in an older residents dwelling but most if us have been young once and I for one think it us good seeing our youngster enjoying themselves.

  4. My god some people do moan? Noise at a festival ? there’s a first !!! Next time I’ll send you some ear plugs so the rest of the Lichfield residents can enjoy themselves?
    Some people just amaze me they will find anything to complain about specially others enjoying life.
    I live within half a mile of the park and we heard nothing.

  5. Congratulations to all who contributed to the excellent events put on in Lichfield. Cllr Rapley, you’re boring. I’m just 70, a metalhead (someone who loves varieties of heavy metal music, as well as vintage electronica and good folky stuff) and think you need to retire from public life if this is all you can contribute.

  6. In response to noise levels ,it was appalling I had to leave my house to get away from constant bang bang.And I live backing onto the park and received nothing no flyer ,unaware of it till the tents appeared if repeated I’m going away ,let me know when .

  7. I thought the event went very well so I’m surprised to see this. I wonder if she will be complaining about Proms in the Park?

  8. I’m absolutely flabbergasted that an Elected Member has made a comment that reads “…must surely only appeal to those who want to switch off their cognitive intelligence”.

  9. I contacted Lichfield Live and in doing so I made it clear that my comments about the event were as a resident, not as a councillor. I think I have been misrepresented here. I did not write as a councillor – I emailed as a resident. Now it’s all being blown up into a Liberal Democrat joust with Conservative councillors. I rather wish I had not even raised the issue. Time will tell. Pathetic that one can’t even make comments about booming base music that is being blasted around Lichfield without coming under personal attack by others. Sound pollution is a real issue. It affects others adversely whether people like it or not. There have been many big music festivals in the UK but more often than not they choose a big field where there are few residents nearby. Lichfield DC is not doing a any monitoring of the sound levels or base. And it seems we are expected to just put up with any event in Beacon Park. There is an audience for them all, I admit – but some of them probably don’t want a 12 hour metal rock festival that carries far beyond the tents where it emanates from. I don’t know how many people like or dislike 12 hour music events in Beacon Park – but has anyone living in the surrounding area ever been consulted? Anyone can complain about neighbours who play loud music – but when it’s a public event there is no one to complain to it seems. Next weekend it’s the Ibiza event. I wonder whether LDC will have any monitoring of the decibels or base? My comments here as previously on this issue have absolutely nothing to do with the Liberal Democrats or my role as a LD Councillor. It’s entirely my own viewpoint. I notice that when a councillor deigns to write anything on this very useful forum – there are inevitably cheap political pot-shots.

  10. Well done Lichfield for supporting such an event, we can’t just put on entertainment for the oldies (I’m 64by the way). Long may diversity reign.

  11. with a view to discouraging loud music that must surely only appeal to those who want to switch off their cognitive intelligence.”

    This comment is just offensive…Artful Dodger and Pete Tong may not be to your taste but no need to insult those that do enjoy them. We’ve all been stuck indoors for 18 months, is a bit of loud music until 11pm on one occasion is such a problem? Maybe they should play the world’s smallest violin next time instead.

  12. Susan Marchant in case nobody has personally dropped you round a flyer, you should know that it’s the Proms in the Park this weekend, which is likely to be a loud music event so you will undoubtedly want to go away.

  13. Spoiled her peace and quiet. How about all the houses they’re building on every scrap of land and all the noise that’s creating for everyone. Cake. Eat it!

  14. Are you a Councillor or are you not a Councillor, Cllr Rapley? You can’t have it both ways. In what way have you been misrepresented by Lichfield Live. Either you stand by your comments, found by some to be offensive, or you don’t. In which case, you should resign.

  15. Christine Rapley Stop trying to wriggle out of your comments it won’t wash with us, Joan Hill Aka Moan Hill stop being so selfish and if you don’t like living by our park then I suggest you move away ? It’s called a park for a reason it’s for people to enjoy themselves if it was on till 3am then I’d agree but come on 11pm is that so bad ? As mentioned lichfield needs to embrace the younger residents. I’ve been in Lichfield 56 years and have 3 kids all of which love the events down the park don’t deny their happiness what else does Lichfield have for the kids?

  16. My son went to the event,I dont think that one night in a whole year is so bad and that 11.00p.m is not unreasonable. Its one night out of three hundred and sixty five…give and take .We were all young once .I personally hope they enjoyed it so please live and let live.

  17. ‘A good policy would see the district council monitor the sound levels of every event in Beacon Park with a view to discouraging loud music that must surely only appeal to those who want to switch off their cognitive intelligence.”’

    This, Cllr Rapley, is why people don’t vote for your party very much these days.
    For goodness sake lighten up, if you knew it was happening and your cognitive dissonance was upset by the music then why didn’t you plan an evening somewhere else?

    You realise Lib Dem’s are really trying not very hard to lose literally every voter they ever had.

    Why didn’t you just post, like a lot of us here, using an assumed name? Eg. I assume Professor Pineapple (on other threads not this one) doesn’t have a bank card called P Pineapple & my name isn’t actually Kitty, I know…unreal.

    Really!!!!Sorry to Mr Pineapple in case I got that wrong.

  18. It is about time Lichfield put something on for the younger people to enjoy. Lichfield has become Gods Waiting Room with the amount of retirement homes going up. Most people enjoy their life but Councillor Rapley obviously thinks that everybody should be as boring as she is. What is wrong with letting the youngsters enjoy themselves at a festival that is once a year when there is nothing for them the rest of the time. Councillor Rapley start to look after the future of Lichfield by supporting them and helping to organise other events

  19. I apologise if the comment I made in a personal capacity about switching off cognitive intelligence offends some people who like excessively loud thumping base music. Anyway, of course it is fine for people to have different taste in music. But 12 hours on a Sunday- in a public place where it’s inflicting it on many who don’t want to hear it though? I stand by my comments made as an individual resident. My email to Lichfield Live said “We have been plagued by loud music” referring to myself and family. This was turned into a statement that I’m supposed to have been referring to residents. I accept that some people will like the music. I stand by my comments, but they were not made as a councillor. I’m not ducking or diving. But many who write comments here hide their identity. Who is Mr Mr , who is Nodge, who is Steve? who is Adam? By the way, in case some people are unaware, LCC Councillors are elected for 4 years and receive no remuneration of any kind. Not even expenses. We all do our best, no matter what political party we are members of. And a few are independent. So when people take a pop at a person who just happens to be a councillor do bear in mind that just as you have a right to an opinion, so do I. And I choose to exercise that right sometimes. But it’s right sometimes to point out that the viewpoint expressed is entirely personal. I dislike the fact that councillors are often pilloried on social media just for expressing their opinions. At least councillors generally have the courage to write their own name/s. I wonder how many complaints were made about the volume/ base on the Sunday event? And how many if asked would say that it went on too long and was just too loud. I would like to reiterate that it is not the event or the type of music I made adverse comments about – it’s the loudness/ heavy base and the relentlessness of 12 hours that carried across much of Lichfield. 11pm is unreasonable in my opinion. Others may disagree. Whoever wrote that they live close to Beacon Park and didn’t hear it must be deaf, or just in a street where the sound did not carry.

  20. Complaining about ruining residents peace and quiet! One day a year! It wasn’t even that late! There needs to be a balance, Lichfield needs to cater for the needs of all its residents, not just the ever growing numbers of retirees filling every available living space in the city centre.

  21. You should resign Christine Rapley as you clearly not for younger people in your elected area , to say they are brainless is a vile comment your typical Lib Dem only for the few not the majority, hold your head in shame we just spent the last year or more loved in our houses it nice somthing was done for the younger people

  22. Cllr Rapley, I applaud your efforts to defend yourself, but there are some fundamental issues that need addressing. How do your opinions as a councillor differ from those as a resident? Surely once you take up elected office the role of councillor becomes a fundamental aspect of your life? Had Lichfield Live not reported that you were a councillor would others not have made the link (and wondered why Lichfield Live hadn’t mentioned it? If I were a councillor and wrote to a local newspaper I’d have to be pretty naive not to expect them to refer to the fact I was a councillor. Is this not just more a case of you now trying to point the finger of blame elsewhere because your opinions have not been supported by others?

    I’m sorry, but you can’t just take off your councillor cloak and expect to become invisible. It simply doesn’t work that way. You rightly state you have the right to your opinion, so show a backbone and stick by it, whether that is as a councillor or a member of the public.

  23. Wow, people just love to moan don’t they. As so many people have said I’m sure they won’t moan about proms on the park. If you build houses on every scrap of land you have to cater for everybody, and that means a concert ONCE a year until 11pm heaven forbid. The councilor moaning about renting OUR park out to, that’s right it’s our park for everyone not just for what YOU personally think it should be used for. I personally think YOU sound very bitter and come across very stuck up.

  24. Christene Rapley you go on about renting OUR park for such events, that’s right it’s OUR park for everyone not just for what YOU personally think it should be used for. I personally think YOU sound very bitter and come across very stuck up. You then back track and say it’s your comments are as a resident not a councilor….you are a councilor you are one person your comments are as a councilor you cannot split in two.

  25. Looking forward to ibiza proms in the park on friday then? About time lichfield realised its not an old folks home.

  26. Are you saying C Rapley that Lichfield Live misrepresented you by using your Councillor title in its coverage? If so, then LL needs to comment.

    I suspect you used the nomenclature to ensure your comments received a higher profile. Anyway, why mention that City Councillors do not receive any expenses? Parish Councillors – which is the City Council status – do not normally receive expenses.

    What is your stance on Proms in the Park? Too loud?

  27. Get over yourself Christine. You have no influence nor alot of support here seemingly.

    Welcome to the internet, when you give a statement to a website, you’re going to get feedback from a pseudonym, deal with it.

    How come you’re not moaning about Fuse Festival? Did you attend it? That was 4 days of music (great by the way (remember LRAP at Stowe Fields back in the good old days, that was a bit further away from your house though, so you probably weren’t as bothered) But maybe didn’t finish so late.

    The Proms in the Park is coming up, are you taking your dB reader and clipboard down, just in case? You should take down your Anemometer too as the thousands of Union Flags will be waving and could cause excessive wind, culminating in your house losing a roof tile or two.

    Sunday’s are no longer God’s day I’m afraid. It’s one of two days most people have off work, because people work thier freakin arse off, just to have a little fun in thier down time. It’s pretty much the first event of that kind for a while. Are you just getting your 2 pence in to rally the Octogenarian troops to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Because wise up, it’s going to happen again, if the Council get enough £££ out of it, and the thousands of people attending these events spend money in Lichfield.

    It’s a short life at the end of the day, and getting het up at other people having a good time just isn’t it. Revaluate your choices (and posts you put in internet forums) Christine, everyday we’re all a day closer to not ever being able to enjoy anything ever again, and your legacy is left in the internet. All your comments will outlast you, historians will one day scroll back through the dregs of the internet and find your messages… And laugh.

    The more you reply, the bigger the hole you’re digging. I’d just give up, as I think it was the derogatory terms you haphazardly slapped on the attendees with no prior knowledge of who went to this event were the killer blow here.

    You don’t like it, so everyone that did must be lower than your super high horse.

    Ps. I’ll finish off the my freedom to tell you… Shut up.

    PPS… It’s BASS ffs

  28. Unfortunately Christine its not all about you and your opinions, if it went on past 11pm I would understand complaints but it was a well organised day and finished at 11pm on the dot and we all left the event quietly. It was a day people like me who worked on the front line through the pandemic really deserved and was the greatest of fun. Many thanks to the oragnisers

  29. It’s a good job she does not live on Eastern Avenue,the noise from 6.am all day from those great big lorry’s and dust is awful

  30. Oh Christine, just do one! It was a great event that was enjoyed by the masses and a welcome return to life post covid. Jog on and stop being such a bore and snowflake. I don’t know what your voter support was before this article was written but I rather suppose that it has waned somewhat!

  31. It’s music for goodness sake! Have a care for all those musicians out there who haven’t been able to do what they enjoy doing so much & all performers generally.
    Have a heart for those who lost work & money because of Covid19.

  32. I don’t think the Cllr uses the internet much.

    How about the Lib Dem’s stop voting for more & more new homes without increasing Dr surgeries, schools, generally better infrastructure?
    Now that’s actually important to people.
    If you live near a park and encourage music events in that park then for goodness sake, you’ll get some noise.

  33. She’s your typical moaner, the type who would move next to a church then complain about the bells. I might not use my proper name on here but if you like I’ll contact you directly to discuss this matter further ? I really hope many others read your comments and thoughts and then reflect on them at voting time.
    Your all high and mighty using your “Title” when it suits you but keen to drop it when you make a balls up?
    Lichfield needs to be alive with music and entertainment for the young blood of the city not dull and drab with nothing more than retirement homes, estate agents & coffee shops.
    Long live the kids of Lichfield and party on.

  34. It’s not the complaint about the noise that’s the real problem here. It’s not unreasonable to complain about persistent unwanted noise. It’s not unreasonable to dislike certain types of music.

    The problem arises when you think it’s okay to insult those who don’t feel the same.

  35. Interesting comments. It was one day there’s never ever been anything like this in Lichfield I personally thought it was brilliant The Crooked House Team worked so hard and did a fabulous job. There was no trouble and everybody who attended enjoyed it was great to see so many enjoying themselves. So what one day of noise buy some ear plugs, I live near by and I personally don’t like classical music but I don’t go and complain when proms is on. Be interesting to see the comments after this weekend when we have Ibiza classics on the Friday and Proms Saturday. I would suggest packing your bags and going away for the weekend if you don’t like the noise. I think it’s great that we can have theses events and hope we have many more.

  36. This kind of music is not my kind of music. HOWEVER, we have all had an horrendous 18 months. Let people get back to enjoying themselves. Also I will welcome Proms in the Park, Fireworks etc etc…… These events are a massive support structure for people who struggled during the lockdowns. Let the population of Lichfield vote on the validity of the events……if they did….. Pete Tong would be back next year. Incidently, I am 57 years old and I want people to have a good time….. young, old, loud or quiet.

  37. I didn’t attend the event at the weekend due to being on holiday, but I wish I had! In the 15 years I’ve lived in Lichfield it’s the first festival of its type for people (of any age!) to enjoy dance music. Proms on the park is loud too. Get over yourself, it finished at 11pm. You should be encouraging a broad and diverse range of events, and not belittling people whose tastes may not be the same as yours.

  38. I think the councillor should resign ahead of her losing her seat at the next election.
    She should hang her head in shame at the insults hurled at the younger demographic of our city. A formal apology, at the very least, is required.

  39. Joan Hill – as far as I am aware there are there is no fencr around Lichfield. If you no longer like it please feel free to leave and make room for young people.

  40. I lived for twenty five years in a house backing on to Beacon Park and we got used to all sorts of weird and sometimes noisy events, often involving people fanatical about old cars or particular makes of motor home. A real dance festival appealing for once in Lichfield to younger people sounds great. I’m only sorry the double-glazing in my new house stopped me hearing any of it. One might have thought being a Liberal Democrat would encourag toleration of different activities, and it strikes me as rather odd that someone would want to distinguish between their personal identity and their role as a Councillor.

  41. Typical of a lib dem polition, if any thing that brings enjoyment to the masses its always some do gooder from a party of poopers especially from the lib dems, get a life,…

  42. Beautiful park ? It’s high time someone cleared the litter and as for the lake what an utter disgrace .How are the waterfowl supposed to rear their young surrounded by cans,plastic bags etc.
    Get your priorities right.

  43. You know that Cllr Rapley is the kind of person that would buy a house next to Donington Park circuit and complain about the noise from the cars/bikes on track, but conveniently gloss over the constant noise from East Midlands Airport with planes constantly taking off and landing.

    In the 21st century and 2021 specifically you’d think you’d have more reasoning and toleration and inclusion for more than just your own opinions.

    Such a shame, but I know your thoughts and views won’t change.

  44. Well done for the council for letting it go ahead … more forward thinking like this please, it can only help put Lichfield on the map … give yourselves a pat on the back 👍

  45. Cllr Rapley, nothing wrong in your opinion. Well done for giving your time free to local people. Yes you can give a view as a resident separate to giving views to represent your ward. As a voter I’m interested in what you stand for and to pretend you can separate the two completeluy is naive. Sorry to say you have come across as narrow minded. My question , what role do Cllrs have scrutinising such a big event before it is approved? It’s pretty obvious Music festivals will be noisy and local residents must be considered. So I presume the Council considered this and came up with the 11 till 11 time limits and other conditions to satisfy. So any concerns you raised prior would be minuted? Well done Lichfield Council for bringing such a high profile event to the area that so many have clearly enjoyed. They are should and no doubt will review the success of the event and learning. The Council have a lot of work to do rebuilding trust after the Friarsgate debacle, so credit where it’s due on this. When your free contribution to society causes more harm than good, time to step down before you damage the reputation of local cllr volunteers any further.

  46. @Asellus aquaticus honestly. You are so sensible and reasonable. Stop it immediately. We should go for a pint soon and behave like the Bad Men we are, mate. It’s all about the Bass.

  47. Dear Christine, you need to understand that thumping base is nothing to do with music, thumping bass is, just saying

  48. I totally disagree with the Councillors comments. I am over 70 and could hear the music but it didn’t spoil my day, I was pleased to know that lots of people (of all ages) were enjoying themselves in the park. It was just one day too. Quite a few residents of Beacon Village were on their balconies watching and seeming to enjoy the sights and sounds. I love live music of all types and was at the Fuse Festival on Saturday dancing to fabulous Kissmet (amongst others.) Well done whoever thought of and organised The Crooked House Festival and I will certainly be thinking very carefully when local elections come round again.

  49. The base at the concert was so loud it vibrated and thumped in every room of my house and I could not escape the noise even with ear plugs in and the radio on loudly. If I could have heard the music it would have not been so bad but the constant very loud vibrating thump of the base all day and evening was dreadful and should have been monitored by the council and the organisers.

  50. You heard some thumping base?
    You’re wrong and I bet if you’d got yourself down the park you’d have had a great time.

  51. I did go into the park to see what the noise was and the food fair but you were not in my house and you did not hear the horrendous thumping and vibrating of the base the whole time the concert was on. I like all types of music but I do not want the torture of a base being inflicted on me and the councillors represent all the residents.

  52. Base J Bate?
    If you have concerns fine but the absolute ignorance and rudeness of the councillor has detracted from your bad day indoors apart from the food fare and quick trip out.
    Take it up with the councillor, over a quiet cup of tea. I think it was ace.
    Please refrain from saying base, it wasn’t base and honestly, will you be hear next week moaning about the proms? Just sayin…

  53. Please, it’s “BASS” not “BASE”!
    Please can people educate themselves on what it is they are actually complaining about….

  54. The telephone number given out by Cllr Angela Lax gives out a recorded message. It provides the advice to call out of hours 01527 871565 which is Bromsgrove Housing Association. It says it is for out of hours emergencies only. Quite why Lichfield District Council would wish anyone who wishes to complain about excessive noise to leave a message for Bromsgrove Housing Association is rather mysterious. So if you really do wish to leave a message call that number. But it appears to be a rather strange out of hours operation for LDC. There appears to be no legitimate means of complaining about loud music in a public space out of hours.

  55. I think I despise Lichfield council more than the local MP. Moaning about a bit of noise is pathetic. How about sorting the local transport network after signing off planning permission for thousands of new homes. Traffic chaos awaits us all!

  56. Congratulations to the event organiser, an event for the younger generation, wonderful. Sadly I missed it 😭…so it could not have been too loud. I hope they run it again next year.

    Noise, well I guess that the end of Carter’s Steam fair as well then. A couple of days that attracts hundreds of visitors and must be a boost to the local economy….?

  57. At my peril I have to agree with the ‘moaners’ about the excessive noise of the Ibiza Proms. I live approximately a mile as the crow flies from Beacon Park and #Justin Finch it was more than “a bit of noise” as the volume of the music was so unbelievably loud that I had to close my door and windows as not even my TV could drown it out. Whilst I agree that those who wish to attend these events enjoy themselves it should not be at the expense of others. And did anyone see pictures of the litter that people left behind. It was disgraceful. And #Paul, Carters Steam Fair doesn’t come anywhere near generating the level of noise that Ibiza Proms did and I hasten to add that tonight’s Proms in the Park caused me no issues either.
    Angela Lax, I hope you take note of what Christine Rapley wrote which I concur with.

  58. @Christine – it’s Bromsgrove District Council, not Bromsgrove Housing Association. I don’t think it’s that mysterious or strange – it’s a shared service which is not an unusual practice and means councils can share costs and so try to deliver better value to taxpayers. This is a completely legitimate means to complain about loud music in a public space out of hours, or indeed any emergency which the council could deal with. The people in Bromsgrove will have the duty manager rota and know who to contact.

  59. @Joanne Grange – FYI, when I called the ‘out-of-hours’ number given by Angela Lax at LDC it was answered with BHA not BDC and despite what you say the woman that answered my call told me that as she had now had several calls from Lichfield residents she would have to find out what the correct procedure was for dealing with the complaints as they don’t normally deal with such matters because the out-of-hours service they offer is for emergencies only. LDC council tax payers at the very least deserve a service that can deal with local matters. If the level of noise had been from a private resident’s garden I’m sure it wouldn’t have been long before the Police became involved. So what’s the difference?

  60. Lichfield is for everyone unless you are a blue badge holder.This council should cater for everyone in the area.With all the house building going on ,i wonder if the younger generation who have lived here all their will be catered for.I doubt it.Lichfield is for everyone.We need a new council who listen.This lot don’t!!

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