Liberal Democrat councillors say they “strongly disagree” with one of their colleagues after she criticised a Lichfield music event.

Cllr Christine Rapley said that the noise from Crooked House in Beacon Park was unacceptable.

The representative for Chadsmead ward on Lichfield City Council said the music “must surely only appeal to those who want to switch off their cognitive intelligence” after the appearance by leading DJs at the event.

Despite saying her comments were made on a personal rather than political basis, Liberal Democrats at Lichfield District Council and Lichfield City Council have moved to distance themselves from Cllr Rapley’s comments.

In a joint statement, Cllr Paul Ray and Cllr Paul McDermott, said:

Cllr Paul Ray and Cllr Paul McDermott

“Cllr Ray has been on a committee at Lichfield District Council that earlier this year reviewed the council’s festival and events policy. One of the points made was that there are not enough events for younger people in our district.

“There is so much arranged for the middle aged and older generations – the Lichfield Festival, food festivals, cathedral events etc – and it is so good and important that the council also supports and allows events like the Crooked House event for the younger generations. 

“The event was also well organised with a swift clear up after the event and professional security.

“So I and the Lichfield Lib Dems say well done Lichfield District Council for supporting this event.

“We need more balance in Lichfield and a community that works for all generations.”

Cllr Paul Ray and Cllr Paul McDermott

“Sound pollution is a real issue”

In a response to the reporting of her comments on Lichfield Live, Cllr Rapley replied to criticism of her views – and said her comments had not been made as a councillor.

Cllr Christine Rapley

“It is pathetic that one can’t even make comments about booming bass music that is being blasted around Lichfield without coming under personal attack by others.

“Sound pollution is a real issue. It affects others adversely whether people like it or not. There have been many big music festivals in the UK but more often than not they choose a big field where there are few residents nearby.

“Lichfield District Council is not doing any monitoring of the sound levels or bass, and it seems we are expected to just put up with any event in Beacon Park.

“There is an audience for them all, I admit, but some of them probably don’t want a 12 hour festival that carries far beyond the tents where it emanates from.

“My comments on this issue have absolutely nothing to do with the Liberal Democrats or my role as a councillor – it’s entirely my own viewpoint.”

Cllr Christine Rapley

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  1. I feel it was excellent idea this event was and I believe everything should be done to encourage events to the city

  2. Here we go damage limitation process by the Libs….time to resign Christine Rapley, your ship mates won’t stand by you on this 1……time to bow out and find another town/city to live it….maybe some remote island with no neighbours ?
    Your just not with the people on this matter and seems oblivious to see the errors in your ways……? it’s this same stance like BREXIT that brought down people a lot bigger than you, you think you are above the rest of us but your not.

  3. Councillor Christine Rapley.
    Sadly you have the mindset of those who are totally out of touch with what is needed to cover all aspects of Society. Music genre covers everything from Classical to Heavy Metal and appeals to all generations across the spectrum. It is about time that the Younger generations at last have had a Venue that they can enjoy.

  4. On Lib Dem Lichfield Tamworth & Burton site, it says she’s been here for 20 years because she likes the ‘broad demographic’ of Lichfield and she’s ‘moderately articulate’.
    I don’t know which of those statements is the most ridiculous however, regardless of political persuasion I think we all think this was a good thing for the area and the ignorance and ‘cognitive dissonance’ shown by the Cllr was shocking.

  5. Maybe a grime set next year…that’d wake ‘em up. Do it please!!!!
    But, equally, local residents should absolutely be given warning of the event so they can make alternative arrangements if they wish. It’s a real shame that genuine concern by those nearby has been overwhelmed by the incredibly rude and ignorant ‘cognitive dissonance’ comment. #theyworkforus

  6. Cllr Rapley was opening herself up to personal attack as soon as she contacted the media with a complaint. Most normal people would contact the organisers or the police or the council. The only possible reason she’d contact Lichfield Live is to raise her profile and make a political point. I’m all for free speech, but her derogatory comments about those who attended the event are a disgrace for someone in public office and she’s clearly bought her party into disrepute.

  7. Oh Dear…. All that heat. All that passion for a one off event lasting a few hours.
    The stink from a nearby chip shop. The pot holes in the roads. The never ending traffic jams. Over development (houses). Underdevelopment (Friasgate). Just a few of the enduring nuisances we suffer EVERY day.
    The bleeding heart’s of Lichfield have had a field day on this one. I hope they will transfer their concerns to something important.

  8. As the parent of a young adult with a cognitive impairment I find the comments made by the councillor extremely offensive.

  9. Good to see the Lib Dems putting up a united front on this (not). Perhaps they need to have a word in Cllr Rapley’s ear.

  10. Probably not a great idea having these kind of events close to elderly persons homes.
    However, young people should have their share of events they can enjoy.
    Would imagine a local farmers field could be a better setting.It needs more thought from people running the event.

  11. Denise “ Probably not a great idea having these kind of events close to elderly persons homes.”
    Don’t you mean why put an old folks home next to a park ? Old folk could be in a nice field where it’s quiet lol but seriously the park was there first.

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