The organisers of a music event in Lichfield say they are conducting a review after complaints from visitors about lengthy queues.

Ibiza Proms in the Park logo

The Ibiza Proms in Beacon Park took place on Friday (3rd September).

It featured music from a live orchestra and also promised street food and bars.

But after ticket holders were told they could not take their own drinks into the event, many took to social media to complain about queues of over two hours to get a drink.

In a statement organisers said they were working to understand why the event had “fallen wide of the mark”.

“While we recognise there were problems in the delivery of the Ibiza Proms, we would hope that people allow us a couple of days to sit down with all of the relevant teams and contractors to establish and complete a thorough review of the event.

“From this we will then release a complete statement and also next steps for our patrons.

“Everything we have tried to do in Lichfield is to put smiles on faces – this has fallen wide of the mark and we now need to reflect, review and then react in the right way so that we have a way forward and that new events are able to take place for all to enjoy.”

Almost 350 people have signed a petition calling for refunds for ticket holders after many said they had left early after being unable to access food or drink.

One ticket holder told Lichfield Live:

“With the rule of only water being allowed onsite, several hundred people spent more than two hours queuing for a drink due to the shocking organisation.

“Several of the bars also ran out of drinks so they clearly weren’t equipped for the amount of people that all had to pre-purchase tickets for the event.

“The food – which we pre-paid and ordered for our table – also didn’t materialise.

“The people behind this event should never be allowed to organise anything on this scale in Lichfield ever again.”

The organisers say they will make a full statement tomorrow (5th September) after they have completed their review.

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2 years ago

Interesting that the name of the organisation behind this event is being kept quiet, even on the official ticket page – it’s the Food Festival/Grub Club/Oktoberfest people right?

2 years ago

It’s Cockerhoop (John Arrowsmith) I think.

Sadly, I was one of those unfortunate to have been there. I left after 50 mins. It was just an absolute disgrace – it was completely shambolic.

I arrived about 30 mins after it opened and queued for 45 mins, in a queue that barely moved. At that point (and with nothing to eat or drink), I realised it was pointless staying – and left, as did lots of other people.

Interesting to read “we just tried to put a smile on people’s’ faces”. Absolute crap.

This entire thing was about one thing – making loads of money. Why else would you insist on not being allowed to bring your own drinks in (soft and alcoholic)??

Pure greed.

They should do the decent thing and offer refunds.

Amy Price
2 years ago

Totally agreed. I am glad this has been picked up by Lichfield Live.
I dont normally complain but I am diabetic, had my water disposed of on entrance and then I could not get a soft drink or food for what would’ve been far too long for my health.
I understand queues, but tickets were sold and so the organisers knew how many people were going to attend. I had to go home and get a sandwich from Morrison’s on the way back just incase. I do carry treatment, but that’s for emergencies, not for because a queue is too long. I missed the orchestra and I bet they were amazing – which appears so from what I have read. I feel for them, they performed as expected, the organisers did not. I’m hoping for a refund and hoping to refund my Oktoberfest too.

Chris Cosby
2 years ago

I did not attend, just heard the awful music from early afternoon until 11pm. Thud thud all the time. I live on the Darwin estate could not have my windows open. This is the second time in the last week we have had to endure this appalling music.

Chris astle
2 years ago

Me and my friend who went to this event were very disappointed with having to wait in the cue for 2hrs,we missed most of the performance because of this,but what we did see for about an hr,was very good. Regards Chris astle

Citizen Smith
2 years ago

Totally agree, the greed of the these organisers ruins it. Fuse festival suffered from too long queues, we should be able to take our own drinks and food in, like the proms in the park , works well. Folk will still buy drinks and food in there, bit shorter queues will be better for all.

2 years ago

I’ve been to numerous festivals where the organisers have not understood the demand. It’s pretty simple really, put on sufficient staff and pre pour drinks. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist. But I suppose that’s what happens when the organisers are just interested in making money off ticket sales.

SJW Lichfield
2 years ago

Clearly the people behind this are incapable of running an event of this scale. Their organisation skills and ability to react to any kind of issue are non existent and potentially dangerous. Badly organised events such as this tarnish the reputation of Lichfield and the council should step in to prevent rank amateurs causing such chaos. Event management is a very special art and the individuals behind this should not be allowed back!

2 years ago

I’d like to take the time to mention how good the performers and DJs were. The actual event was fantastic.

We queued just short of 2 hours for a drink, from around 7pm to 8:45pm and ordered three rounds in one go, to prevent us having to go again. Everyone was doing this which made the situation worse.

The bar staff were great and did their best. There could have done with being five/six times the supply OR people being allowed to bring their own.

Mandy Holmes
2 years ago

We attended the event on Friday night. The orchestra were absolutely amazing and so talented. However totally overshadowed by the extremely poorly organised bar, food and toilets arrangements. I have attended many festivals and never experienced such a badly organised event. Having been told last minute that we were unable to take drinks in… not even soft drinks was disappointing. Then having to queue for 2 hours for a drink was totally unacceptable. Even the toilet queue was a long wait.. with facilities that were dirty and not even flushing… Great when we are still in the midst of a pandemic. I purchased soft drinks from one vendor with the smallest queue and had to pay 2.50 for one can of cola…. what a total rip off.

Such a shame because the actual orchestra were awesome. I certainly won’t be spending £38 for a ticket next year

Steve Wilson
2 years ago

FAO Chris Cosby. People like you just need to lighten up and stop moaning. 11pm is hardly late, I live nearer to the park and hardly heard it. I guess it’s a bit like a ticking clock if you let it annoy you it will.

2 years ago

Steve Wilson – I live on Sandfields estate and trust me, it was loud enough to have to close windows!!

Steve Wilson
2 years ago

Two to three times a year at most and encourages people to come to the town plus it finished at eleven. Far too many moaners about these days. It’ll be on again next year give you something else to moan about alongside brexit, climate change, covid etc. Looks like these new estates are breeding grounds for whingers.

2 years ago

I attended with 5 friends, we had all paid the £47 each Baleric ticket . When we arrived at 7pm we were not seen to a bench as promised, we queued for an hour and a half for drinks not reaching the front. We then heard most bars had ran out of anything we would have drank. The food we had pre paid for never turned up, we also heard food was running out ! People were jumping over fences to get into areas they hadn’t paid to be in with security doing nothing .
I can’t believe we spent so much money and were promised so much to receive nothing !!!
I am not taking anything away from the talented musicians. However how can you enjoy a festival when your frustrated , disappointed, unfed and have nothing to drink!
Thank you Lichfield Live for publishing this article. I sincerely hope the organisers come back with a decent refund of some kind in order to correct their mistakes and hopefully next year people can fully appreciate, smile and enjoy the experience. I for one certainly didn’t smile on Saturday evening.

2 years ago

My friends and I attended Friday night, apart from the awful attitude of the security staff checking your bags and the queues for food and drink which were horrendous. The music was amazing the orchestra were phenomenal. I just didn’t have a drink all night because I wouldn’t entertain standing that long in a queue. We should of just been allowed to take our own.

2 years ago

I live on Hallam Park estate and Ibiza Proms was really loud and unbearable with its thudding music. Yes, with the windows closed. I encourage everyone to write your complaints to Lichfield DC’ Visitor Economy Manager – Lisa Clemson E-mail [email protected]

Mrs Smith
2 years ago

There were 10 people in our party. For the short period we stayed the music was brilliant just disappointing that the food & drinks queues were ridiculous. We waited an hour & half at a cocktail bar to then be told they only had the ingredients left for one of them. We left after that & missed out on all the great music. One bonus the Lichfield pubs did well as so many people went to those instead. People definitely need some refund.

2 years ago

Dreadfully organised. My wife and I attended hoping for a nice night out, a few drinks and something to eat. When we got there it was clear that this wasn’t going to happen. Huge queues for food, drink and even to go to the loo. We gave it up as a bad job, left after about 20 mins and went to the pub instead. Very disappointed and feel totally ripped off.

2 years ago

So….. I personally (and mate) thought it was a great night and really enjoyed it, arrived at 5.30 and got a couple of drinks quite quickly and a burger not long after that – by 7 ish the lines were looking pretty hideous so we went to get more drinks and waiting just over an hour (pain) but made sure to get 4 drinks each to last, so didn’t experience the two hours waits which is not acceptable clearly – it’s great that stuff like this is going on in our city and I would be disappointed for it not to take place again next year but certainly lots to learn from – and must be learnt – more bars and more staff etc. We just need to be careful not to be too over the top as events like this will not happen again and I for one, think it’s great to have this stuff within walking distance from my home, and unfortunately having events brings loud music and noise not too much can be done about that and we have young children, but it is only one offs here and there…. Not like it’s every weekend.

Mrs X
2 years ago

Chloe, don’t be such a bore! Yes we had two festivals back to back, but we all need to get back to having fun again!

2 years ago

**The organisers say they will make a full statement tomorrow (5th September) after they have completed their review.**


Amanda Corbett
2 years ago

Absolutely agree with all of the above, my partner is a diabetic too and we both went without a drink all evening. Queues were ridiculous and staffing woefully inadequate. An accident waiting to happen!

2 years ago

Leaving aside this event which I wasn’t in town to attend, I’d like to thank the organisers of the other main festival in Lichfield- the Fuse! Great music, no real queue at the bar and plenty of clean toilets. If you went to the Fuse please support Lichfield Arts with a donation. Seeing these comments should make us all realise what a great job they do! I am not a member or associated with this group.