Car exhaust. Picture: Ruben de Rijcke
Picture: Ruben de Rijcke

Parents in Lichfield and Burntwood are being asked not to leave car engines running outside school gates.

The plea is part of a campaign by Staffordshire Police which also includes road safety reminders for those dropping off and picking up children.

PCSO Deryn Small, from Staffordshire Police, said as well as ensuring they avoid parking dangerously, drivers should also think about the environment they are creating for schoolchildren.

“A common issue is drivers leaving their engine running when waiting for their children.

“Idling increases the amount of exhaust fumes in the air and therefore reduces the air quality around the school where children are walking.

“Consider the environment and the health of the local community and turn the engine off when you’re parked up.”

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  1. Leaving an engine idling is an offence under Section 42 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. The Act enforces rule 123 of the Highway Code, which states, “You must not leave a vehicle engine running unnecessarily while the vehicle is stationary on a public road.”. But I’d like to bet no one has ever been prosecuted as “unnecessarily” is vague. I leave my engine running to de-ice my windows, is that necessary?

  2. Well if parents and children who are physically able got off their backsides and walked or cycled to and from school it wouldn’t be an issue, would it?

  3. I certainly walked to school, many years ago. That was from the Dimbles area to the Old Friary (with the outdoor swimming pool) in town until I moved up to the New Friary. Nowadays it seems most people get dropped at the gates at schools.

  4. Not just school ? Morrison’s car park people sit in their cars whilst others shop with their engines running so annoying but since our useless police are busy walking over Lemonsley looking for robbers etc they are unlikely to intervene?
    Are well life goes on regardless

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