The Rail Minister has been pressed in Parliament on proposals to establish a new passenger service linking Lichfield to Alrewas and Burton.

The existing tracks out of Lichfield towards Alrewas and Burton

Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant told Chris Heaton-Harris that the plans had been backed by other key figures across the region.

The Minister said he would visit the city to see first-hand how the proposals would work.

“We have received the bid for the restoration of passenger services between Lichfield and other places in Round 3 of the Restoring Your Railways Fund, and I very much look forward to my forthcoming visit.”

Chris Heaton-Harris MP
Michael Fabricant

Mr Fabricant said factors such as the proposed use of a hydrogen-powered train on the route added to the benefit of creating the link, which would also improve access to the National Memorial Arboretum.

“I nudged the rail minister in Parliament regarding the bid to establish a regular passenger rail service between Lichfield, Alrewas, and Burton to relieve congestion on the A38.

“I thought it important to invite him up to Lichfield to see for himself the advantages such a service would bring.”

Michael Fabricant MP

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  1. This idiot has been our MP for 20years, why are we STILL waiting for him to do something, anything useful in Lichfield?

  2. I can’t stand Fabricant, but credit where credit’s due on this one. It would be really useful to have a rail connection to Burton (and further north). It’s currently a right pain to get anywhere on the east coast mainline from Lichfield. It either requires a drive/taxi to Tamworth, or a long round trip via New Street. And would be a great connection into Lichfield for folk in Alrewas / Fradley. I’m all for it.

  3. A service to alrewas will allow a new settlement to built there – it’s likely to be the condition of any investment from the government

  4. This is very welcome news especially if the Rail Minister is to visit Lichfield. It would be even better if our MP can also support Transport for Britain plans to include a HS2 stop at Trent Valley (instead of connecting to WCML at Handsacre). The axing of the Eastern Leg creates an opportunity for HS2 to be linked to Cross Country services via a similar connecting route between Lichfield and Alrewas / Burton. This would achieve massive journey time savings without the added cost.

  5. Hang on, when they’ve finished building houses in Fradley it’s going to be 3 or 4 times the size of Alrewas, so shouldn’t the new station be built in Fradley instead? Alrewas already has better infrastructure than Fradley, I thought this Government was about levelling up?! Fradley needs better infrastructure given the fact it is growing rapidly, much quicker than Alrewas!

  6. Does it have to be either/or? A station at Alrewas would serve the National Memorial Arboretum.
    Would there be benefits in extending the line from Lichfield to Hammerwich?

  7. Gary, there’s no need to open a completely new station at Alrewas – only reconstruct the old one that was closed post-Beeching. The rail line is also closer to Alrewas than it is to Fradley. The A513 offers a fairly easy access point to the old Alrewas station; for Fradley the only immediately obvious location with existing easy access over the A38 would be the level crossing immediately behind Lichfield crematorium – which presents a range of fairly obvious problems.

    Never mind Hydrogen why not Battery Electric which has already been tried and tested on the Harwich Branch. No need to refuel unit at Tyseley which can be recharged whilst standing at either Lichfield City or High Level. There would be sufficient Battery Power to run at least to Burton and back to Lichfield on one charge. Unit could easily be stabled at Lichfield City or Trent Valley stations which are both electrified.

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