Councillors have been told “it won’t be a bad thing” if more houses are built across Lichfield and Burntwood than originally planned.

Around 10,000 new properties are proposed across the district going forward.

During a planning committee debate at Lichfield District Council about backland development in Burntwood earlier this week, Cllr Rob Birch said the town had already met its share of the housing target laid out in the local authority’s own policies.

But a planning officer said that the headline figure – and the breakdown of where they would be distributed – did not represent a fixed cap on the number of homes that would be built.

“Core Policy 6 sets out the council’s plan to deliver at least 10,030 homes across the district and sets out broadly where these homes will be.

“That’s not a maximum number, so if we’ve hit that target in Burntwood then that is great, we’re delivering what the Local Plan is setting out to do.

“However, if we are exceeding it then that isn’t a bad thing either.”

Lichfield District Council planning officer

The comments were made as part of a debate into proposals to build a new bungalow in the back garden of an existing property.

Cllr Birch said considerations beyond just housing targets needed to be made when considering the long term impact of proposals to build new homes in such a manner.

“Over time as the neighbours do it and the next neighbours do it, it changes the character of the area by definition.

“It cannot be both – it cannot be in line with our sustainability policy and also be acceptable as a planning precedent.”

Cllr Rob Birch, Lichfield District Council

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  1. That isn’t a bad thing for whom? The developers, the council tax revenue? When people are complaining about Lichfield rapidly becoming one vast housing estate, and developers seem to have free reign on building anywhere, this shows how out of touch the council are. That this statement comes from the planning department says it all.

  2. It’s all about the £££ nothing else. But I never forget that the current councillors won’t be there in 10 years, they’ll be enjoying their rewards for what they do.
    If we as a community don’t like this constant development and building, why do they get voted in time after time?
    So frustrating.

  3. Garden grabbing destroys a community. The only winners are the developers who sell the lot and move away from the overcrowded undesirable neighbourhood they created, without a thought for their ex neighbours who have had their lives upset for ever.

  4. Kitty, my only fear is the alternative are no different. Councils today wether Tories or Labour etc, Never represent or respect the constituents views. As John says the scary thing this statement comes from our Planning Dept wow!!

  5. Roy, it’s incredible this came from the planning dept, shows how much they value green spaces and the countryside.
    I don’t think any Cllr linked to a particular party is any different. I do hope that more independent Cllrs stand ( not the loony fringe element but sensible, caring individuals) who have the best interests of the area at heart.
    But for sure the current lot don’t sit well with me personally, apart from Cllr Grange who often speaks sense and doesn’t have to toe a party line.

  6. The current council are just appalling. Poor performing and squandering money left right and centre. They don’t even insist on new housing developers making efforts to be carbon neutral (as most other councils do). Ian Eadie said he didn’t to “dissuade developers” in Lichfield!! These are the very people who claim to represent us. Absolutely bonkers.

  7. I have zero respect for these councillors who are hell-bent on destroying our community. As kitty says the current ones won’t be around in the future and the damage will be done.

  8. I second that Bernie and Kitty. I’m new to the area and have lived in a few different areas and never known such a poor Council that has such little regard for the views of local people or what is best for the area. All they seem to care about is making things as easy as possible for the developers. Makes you wonder why…

  9. Lichfield will change not now but fast forward 20 years mark my words its all about greed and money people think they are doing the right thing but quaint Lichfield no more enjoy while it lasts !!

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