Changes to recycling collections in Lichfield and Burntwood have been approved by councillors.

Lichfield District Council and Tamworth Borough Council have agreed to move to dual-stream recycling – which will see card and paper collected in new blue bags – from April 2022.

Cans, bottles and plastic will continue to be collected in blue bins, but the new bags will be required for other recycling items.

Cllr Ashley Yeates, Lichfield District Council’s cabinet member for climate change and recycling, said:

“I am pleased both councils have agreed to the funding arrangements proposed this week, as it means we can move forward with the introduction of a dual stream service and improve the quality of the recycling we collect.

“Local households will receive a bag, or in some rural areas an extra blue bin, and from next April we will ask them to separate out their paper and card into the bags, while using their original blue bins for all their other recycling.

“Locally both Newcastle and Stafford have made this change and the system is working well. I also understand other Staffordshire local authorities are intending to make this move along with us.

“This is a fairly big change, so we are setting up a member task group to help launch the new service, which will include how best to roll it out to local households and promote the changes widely so all our residents are well prepared in advance.”

Cllr Ashley Yeates, Lichfield District Council

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  1. I still think you should look at how Wales do their recycling. It is great. Simple clean & efficient. We hardly had any waste in our black bin as food waste was also recycled into small brown bins. They did However collect the recycling EVERY WEEK.

  2. I live in a highrise block of flats in tamworth. Currently we have a shoot on esch floor to put recycling down on a monday. The rest of the week its for general waste. How are we supposed to deal with the new blue bag system for recycling paper and card. Hope someone has thought about this at tamworth council.

  3. The blue bags are a pain but they say it helps with recycling ? Small bin inside the blue bin was a better idea for residents but they have now gone. Sometimes think we are doing the councils job for them?

  4. Why have plastic bags to fill with cardboard and paper when plastic has to go in the blue bin?
    Have Cllrs ever tried putting cardboard packaging into bags? The bags split…
    I am happy to split the recycling but in the name of all that’s sensible and obvious, why not give households a hard plastic bin, smaller than blue maybe but that would be sending a better message for a greener environment. *rolls eyes.

  5. Rain, wind…… I remember when we had the small green boxes and we paid for 2 black lids, drilled a hole and attached string to stop the lids from becoming flying missiles (still got them) The boxes were across and down the road in the wind and rain, we squashed the cans and tins…. most people didn’t, got fed up with collecting tins and cans and plastic from around our car.

  6. Will the people who buy a lot of items on line have to buy extra bags for their cardboard or have to pick more bags up from the council offices,

  7. Yes, good point, I made an assumption that bags will be plastic.
    @Lichfield Live, can Cllr Yeates make a clarification about this do you think?
    Paper bags though, will get soggy and split in the winter months, I still think a one-off hard plastic container will be more sustainable for the long term.

  8. We can only hope that the idea of having people put paper and cardboard in bags and leaving them out on the street for collection is less hopelessly impractical in practice than it sounds. Perhaps the refuse collectors will collect wet paper and cardboard, unlike another scheme I’ve experienced, because it sounds like there is going to be a lot of wet paper and cardboard. Perhaps the refuse collectors will gather up the paper and cardboard that has been blown around the streets after being put out for collection.

    Everyone has a convenient space in their kitchen or somewhere out of the way to keep these extra bags and put the paper and cardboard in them, right? No, me neither.

    I wonder if “working well” elsewhere is something residents would agree with.

  9. Do what I do stop all junk Mail go online and Royal Mail won’t deliver any Mail not addressed to the household. Next make it by default that junk Mail cannot be delivered without opting in by the householder. If we stop the waste arriving we won’t have to separate it ?

  10. We order lots of things on line now and so have a very large amount of cardboard each month, which we struggle to get into our blue bins now. So I don’t see how we will fit it all in a blue bag together with paper as well. Please confirm how this will be addressed and also where are we supposed to keep these blue bags

  11. We still have the green recycling crates that we were issued with a good few years ago when recycling was first introduced. Paper was sorted by the household then – not a difficult task. It always seemed to be a step backwards to put all the recyled items together and for them to be sorted at a later date

  12. I’ve just ordered myself a steel bonfire bin. I’ll be getting rid of my own card and paper. I’m not messing about trying to comply with another recycling process. Especially considering it’s using SINGLE USE PLASTIC BAGS. How is that an innovative solution? LDC are as ever the oxymoron of all morons.

  13. Where does it say “Single Use” plastic bags other than in the comments section? If it’s like the blue bags used by Stafford (having followed Dale’s link), they’re certainly not single use.

    Does somebody know more than they’re letting on, or is it yet again another example on here of the desire to complain being more important than the need to actually know what you’re talking about?

  14. Replying to Mr Mr,
    We have been trying to stop junk mail for about 10 years, we have registered with several companies, and completed the online form with Royal Mail, many times (which only lasts for 2 years ) requested that free newspapers are not delivered to our home. We have been paperless regarding anything financial, credit card/bank/premium bond statements for many years. WHY….. because on the return to us somehow Royal Mail lost a ‘signed for’ our original marriage cert, my birth cert, husband’s driving lic and a bank statement. The amount of rubbish on our Hall floor or left half way through our letter box to go soggy is frustrating to put it mildly.

  15. Asellus aquaticus, you would hope that in an announcement like this the Cllr responsible would make it clear what the new bag will be like wouldn’t you…rather than an individual such as Dale having to add a link.
    Otherwise people don’t know what to think.

  16. Kitty, I quite agree, in hindsight it perhaps would have been sensible of them. And of course with such a lack of information it’s inevitable that people are going to speculate. Nothing wrong with that, and my comment wasn’t aimed at you.

    But we do seem to have developed a culture on the comments sections of Lichfield Live, where some commentators can’t wait to get past the speculation, and instead launch straight into having a good old moan. In this case, it’s nothing about the actual proposal, it’s about what MIGHT be, based on somebody’s wild guess.

  17. Countries like Spain have containers placed around and about close to properties. They are different ones for recycling requirements. These containers are a one man operation for emptying and are emptied most days. Whilst it is not possible to do it in certain housing areas in the UK it is possible to rollout at many eradicating wheely bins altogether.

  18. I’m all for recycling our waste to save the environment we all need to do our bit as to say, but I do feel a lot could be done at source, excess plastics for packaging and all the paper wasted in handouts and slipped into magazines etc. could be addressed first rather than companies saying they are looking into it and nothing done for years as a get out !
    When they start the blue bag collection does this mean that extra vehicles & crew will be required to pickup and collect this on a separate round ? or will they just be mixed in the same recycling vehicle like before some years ago after Joe public took time sorting out the waste.
    I look forward to updates on the new service in the future.

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