Michael Fabricant
Michael Fabricant

Lichfield’s MP says delays in getting new driving licences and documentation from the DVLA are “not good enough”.

Michael Fabricant raised the issue with Charlotte Vere, Roads Minister a the Department for Transport, after being contacted by residents who were facing difficulties receiving paperwork.

She said:

“Industrial action by the Public and Commercial Services union, along with a significantly increased demand for the DVLA’s services, and the fact the DVLA has been working with a significantly reduced number of staff on site to ensure social distancing in line with Welsh Government requirements has caused some delays.

“The DVLA is doing everything possible to address the situation. It has leased an additional building to accommodate more operational staff and has reconfigured its accommodation to safely maximise the number of staff on site.

“The DVLA has also accelerated the development of additional online services to reduce the number of paper applications and supported their take up through a publicity campaign. Further digital service enhancements are underway. 

“A great many of its staff can and do work from home, but applications sent to the DVLA must be dealt with in person, due to the complexity and confidentiality of driving licence records. 

“Whilst paper applications are usually processed within three weeks, the DVLA’s published timescales have increased to six to ten weeks from the date of receipt.

“In order to set expectations, the DVLA has published guidance to give customers an indication of the dates of receipt for applications it is currently processing.”

Charlotte Vere

Mr Fabricant said:

“I hope these changes will result in a marked improvement, but DVLA have been beset by difficulties and it is frankly not good enough.”

Michael Fabricant

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  1. Poor show indeed.
    I sent my renewal off 7th June
    Next Monday 20th September will be week 15 and still no licence
    I tried on-line application but the delay system couldn’t read my passport photo.
    So I submitted a paper form. Which said no photo needed if renewing. But after 10 week the application was return asking for photos due returned and still no contact. It’s impossible to phone the dvla. I can only go through a complaints procedure.
    If I parked on a yellow line I would no doubt get a fine within the week. I cannot drive abroad nor get a hire car.
    Very bad show.
    David Schindler

  2. From the DVLA website.
    “This is the penultimate year of our commitment to reduce spending as part of the Spending Review 2015 (SR15). This Review is efficiency-driven with a target of a 34% reduction in our budget from DfT by 2020 against the 2015-16 baseline. This equates to an annual expenditure reduction of £100 million by 2020.”
    Yet Mr Fabricant seems surprised that the service is deteriorating.

  3. I’m a GP who can’t do home visits quickly because of the shambles at the DVLA ( and YES, I am seeing lots of patients face to face every day).
    I’ve been waiting for MONTHS for my license. Paperwork all submitted WELL in advance by me, by recorded delivery etc.
    They’re in total and utter chaos and make the NHS look like a well oiled machine. The irony.
    The Chief executive of the DVLA (Julie Lennard) should consider her position.
    No, actually, she just needs to quit.

  4. Something not quite right here, the doc is saying can’t do any home visits due to no licence. The doc could have just used Google and found out you can drive without a license whilst waiting for it. Perhaps the doc could enlightened us a bit more???

  5. On the assumption this GP is renewing a licence I’d expect said person to know licence number, NI number and postcode and therefore be able to access all information through the aforementioned link.

    If this is not the case, then thank the Lord this particular GP isn’t visiting me.

  6. This appears to be affecting registration of new vehicles. I have been waiting for ages to take possession of a new car. The company I am buying from say they are waiting for long periods to get registration documents back.

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