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Lichfield has been named in the top ten places in the country to enjoy fine dining.

A study placed the city eighth on the list, which was topped by Padstow, St Ives and Oban.

The research – carried out by – highlighted dining options such as The Boat Inn and Larder where diners in Lichfield can enjoy great food.

Mike Rees, CEO of, said:

“Treating ourselves to a meal out is something most of us love to do, especially while on a city break or weekend away, so we were keen to find out where in the world offers the best chance of a fantastic dining experience.

Mike Rees

Other locations in the top ten include London, Oxford, Bath, Cambridge, Penzance and Brighton.

The full results of the study are available online.

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  1. Lichfield is a beautiful place, only to be let down by the council, parking in lichfield is a joke, the traffic is chaotic no matter where you go,a five minute journey can take twenty minutes, be warned.

  2. So very true Dean. Have you also tried crossing Eastern avenue to go up Watery Lane? Are the council waiting for someone to get knocked over before they put in a crossing?

  3. If a five minute journey takes twenty minutes in the car, ditch the car and walk. You get exercise and you’re not contributing to pollution and traffic. Triple win!

  4. Sadly this winter we’ll be seeing increasing numbers of Lichfield residents resorting to our Foodbanks to eat anything at all as the quadruple whammy of UC cuts, NI rises, Energy Costs and Food prices hits us all. Fine dining? Any dining at all, will be an aspiration for many. When (if) you eat, please spare a thought and a donation for those who struggle to. Especially the children.

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