The Chancellor of the Exchequer will be visiting Lichfield to speak to local members of the Conservative party.

Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak will attend the Lichfield Conservatives annual dinner next month.

Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant said:

“We are looking forward to having Rishi Sunak at our annual dinner. 

“We get top notch Cabinet ministers and other speakers every year – including Boris Johnson, his dad, and Theresa May in the past – and it will be fascinating to hear what the Chancellor of the Exchequer will have to say as we emerge from Covid. 

“As well as a speech, he’ll be meeting everyone, and will be taking questions afterwards.

“It’s great to get Rishi as last year’s dinner had to be cancelled because of Covid.”

Michael Fabricant MP

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  1. Can you let us know when and where, please? I think there are many in Lichfield who’d like to welcome the Chancellor here and to express their views about his cutting of the UC uplift, his raising of NI charges and – of course – his wonderful “Eat out to wipe out” summer scheme.

  2. Dishy Rishi and Fabbo in the same place in Lichfield at the same time? What an utter delight and a privilege for us all!

    I agree that it would be nice to know exactly when and where so that we can all mark this wonderful occasion in the appropriate manner. They both deserve a suitable guard of honour, along with all the local Conservatives who will be in attendance, so that we may give thanks for our wonderful city to be hosting such a prestigious dinner.

  3. I would like to opportunity to ask some searching questions of the person who has damned my grandchildren to a life of perpetual debt!
    When and where please?

  4. Perhaps Fabricant & our multi-millionaire Chancellor will spare a thought for the increasing numbers of Lichfield & District residents driven, by government policies, to local food banks as they tuck into the Conservatives annual dinner? Or, then again, perhaps not?

  5. The above show no credit to Sunak for putting the temporary uplift on in the first place. We have lower unemployment and more investment than most of our competitors- he deserves support for that

  6. “Top notch Cabinet Ministers”? Really?
    This is a minister who failed to declare his families fortune (is breaking the ministerial code), has HUGE questions to answer over the Grenfell disaster, and whose billionaire wife’s businesses benefitted from £620,000 of taxpayer’s money – during a time he was chancellor.

    Now, granted, this could apply apply to any number of Conservative MPs at the moment but, why are these shady characters give a platform to speak after a career based on controversy and shady conduct?

    As a voter who voted for Mr Fabricant, I’m getting absolutely sick of him defending and cosying up to people like this. Does he have no moral compass??

  7. “More investment than most of our competitors.” Really?
    2019-20 2020-21 % change
    Total projects 1,852 1,538 -17%
    – Involved projects (DIT supported) 1,449 1,131 -22%
    – Estimated economic impact of involved projects (£m) 3,091 3,875 25%
    New jobs 56,117 55,319 -1%
    Safeguarded jobs 9,021 18,187 102%

    Academics at Aston University in Birmingham last month published research suggesting that Brexit caused services exports to fall by £114bn between 2016 and 2019.

    EY said that the decline in investment from countries such as Japan suggested that “the appeal of the UK as an export base is much less than it was” because of Brexit. Upturns in investment from other countries outside the US, EU and Japan may not be “of a scale to compensate for lower activity in the traditional base”, the report said.

  8. belleview – I am more than happy to suffer the consequences of reading newspapers with reading ages higher than 8.

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